"FreshBooks gives you the info and time you need to focus on your big picture—your business, team, and clients."
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  • Easy recurring invoices
  • Excellent custom invoicing
  • Competitive plan pricing
  • Award-winning customer support
  • High cost per user
  • Manual balance sheet generation
Company Background

FreshBooks is one of the top small business accounting software products. This cloud-based software is easy to use, offers plenty of bookkeeping automation features, integrates with numerous third-party applications, and has award-winning customer support. Its three main plans offer some of the best prices on the market.

Plans & Pricing

FreshBooks offers a 30-day free trial that lets you explore all of the software’s features. You can then upgrade to one of Freshbooks’ three plans if you please. Each one charges $10/employee/mo on top of the base subscription price.

Overall, FreshBooks is a fantastic deal, given the number of features it packs into its software. Each plan is reasonably priced for the size of business each is meant to serve.

30-day FREE trial
Money-back guarantee
30-day FREE trial
Money-back guarantee
30-day FREE trial
Money-back guarantee
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30-day FREE trial
Money-back guarantee


A Lite subscription costs $7.50/mo (monthly) or $6/mo (yearly) for three months, then $15/mo afterward on both payment schedules. This plan provides you with custom invoicing, time tracking, expense tracking, estimates, tax reporting features, and more. You can add up to 5 billable clients to a Lite plan.


The most popular FreshBooks plan — costs $12.50/mo (monthly) or $10/mo (yearly) for three months, then $25/mo after on both payment schedules. Along with all Lite features, Plus adds unlimited proposals, automated recurring invoices, retainer contracts, automated late payment reminders, and more. Plus supports up to 50 billable clients.


Premium contains all Essentials and Plus features, but you can add up to 500 billable clients. This plan costs $25/mo (monthly) or $20/mo (yearly) for three months, then $50/mo afterward on both payment schedules.


Select is designed for large businesses with over 500 clients. With Select, FreshBooks builds a custom plan with custom pricing fit to your unique needs. You get a personal account manager, team training, the lowest credit card transaction rates, and easy integration with Xero/Quickbooks.

Features & Functionality
General Features
Recurring Invoices

Recurring invoices make it easy to collect payments from routine clients. For example, if you’re a freelancer, recurring invoices help get you paid on your retainer contracts.

Automatic Late Payment Reminders and Fees

FreshBooks offers a few late payment features to ensure you get paid on time for your work or the products you sell. Automatic late payment reminders make it so you don’t have to track your invoice deadline manually. However, if your client or customer doesn’t pay by the deadline, you can toggle automatic late payment fees.

Custom (and Easy) Invoicing

FreshBooks allows for a large degree of invoice customization to reflect your brand. You can even change the currency and language if you’re working with customers or clients in different countries.

Plus, if you often send similar invoices, you can just duplicate old invoices and tweak the numbers slightly.


FreshBooks lets you accept deposits from clients so you can get paid upfront for your hard work.

Estimate Management

Quoting your clients a price takes time, but FreshBooks makes this much faster. You can add vendors, services, discounts, and more with a few simple clicks.


FreshBooks is available in the cloud. You can access it via the web on your computer or via your phone by using the Freshbooks iOS or Android apps.

  • General Ledger
  • Bookkeeping
  • Manages Accounts Payable/Receivable
  • Income & Expenses Tracking/Management
  • Account Reconciliations
  • Financial Reporting
  • Receipt Scanning
  • Invoicing
Track Expenses
  • Record Expenses
  • Record Mileage
  • Generate Invoices
  • Recurring Expenses
Tax Preparation
  • Tax Compliance
  • Manage Tax Calculations/Reporting
  • Accountant-Prep Friendly
Time-Saving Automations
  • Automation of Invoices/Notifications
  • Suggests Transaction Matches
  • Purchase Order Automation

FreshBooks Plus and Premium allow you to add Advanced Payments — a feature that lets you proactively charge your client’s credit card if they provided it to you — for $20/mo. Select subscriptions may add Advanced Payments automatically.

Additionally, FreshBooks integrates with numerous other applications, such as Stripe, Zoom, Expensify, Hubspot, Bench, Acuity, Calendly, Shopify, G Suite, and more. Paypal is only available for importing transactions — not for payment processing.

  • Payment Processing
  • Payroll Processing
  • Project Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Third-Party Integrations
Supported Devices
  • Windows
  • Android
  • Linux
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-Based
Ease of Use

FreshBooks was designed to help beginners handle their bookkeeping with ease. It manages to pack a lot of features into a sleek and simple interface. You can see a simple yet comprehensive overview of your business’s finances in the dashboard for fast decision-making, thanks to an array of charts.

Getting started is quite easy, as you only need your email and a password to make an account. Once you confirm your email, you can dive right in.

Customer Support

FreshBooks is known for its award-winning customer support team. Their phone support is available Monday-Friday from 8 am – 8 pm EST. You can also contact them via email at any time.

FreshBooks also offers a blog and an FAQ section on their site. Plus, YouTube has plenty of Freshbooks tutorials and walk-through videos.

Overall, FreshBooks’ customer support is excellent.

Additional customer support:
FreshBooks blog covers general accounting and small business subjects, as well as FreshBooks-specific topics.

Phone Support
Phone Support
Phone support is available 8 am - 8 pm EST during the week
Email FreshBooks a question to open a ticket
Video Tutorials
Video Tutorials
You can find more FreshBooks help videos on YouTube
FreshBooks has an extensive library of FAQs
Final Word

FreshBooks is a fantastic value for the features it provides. It offers plenty of features to streamline your bookkeeping, and it’s simple enough for users to learn the ropes fast. Thanks to its competitive pricing, it’s one of the top bookkeeping software choices for small business owners and freelancers.

Bradley Schnitzer
Author: Bradley Schnitzer
Bradley Schnitzer helps businesses gain loyal customers through informative content pieces and persuasive copy. He is passionate about personal finance and helping budding freelancers further their careers.