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Aston P
No employees
Used for: Less than 6 months
26 Jan - 2021

Easy Integration

Vcita turned out to be a wonderful solution for me. It lets you do all the essential stuff, while also integrate 3rd party services. I use it along with my Wix website and it works like a charm.


Integrates with many 3rd party service providers


Very basic

Aleyna C
No employees
Used for: Less than 6 months
28 Feb - 2021

Smooth Configuration

Having used different invoicing services before and going through the mess of configuring them, I can testify that Vcita had completely changed my mind about the process. I started out on a free trial and was fluent in it within a day. You don't have to b

Annaliese B
No employees
Used for: 1-2 years
25 Jan - 2021

Handle your work in one place

The upside of Vcita, for me, is being able to track my appointments within the app apart from only dealing with payments. In general, this app has made arranging and handling my work a lot simpler. In addition, I enjoy the benefit of being able to connect


I enjoy the web platform much more than the app. The dashboard is much more visual and accessible on the web in my eyes. I wish the app could reflect that.

Claudia G
02-10 employees
Used for: Less than 6 months
21 Feb - 2021

Works great overall, could improve on pricing plans

I'm a satisfied customer overall. The service is easy to operate, puts everything in one place, and is altogether very convenient. Nonetheless their pricing plans urge you to subscribe for a full year, and the tiers have mixed features included. You might