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EspritCAM is a cloud-based CAD/CAM software, with an easy-to-understand and navigate user This out
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  • Easy-to-navigate user interface
  • Great technical support
  • Great for all types of machining applications
  • Plans and pricing details not available on its website
  • Not suitable for small businesses
  • Tons of features- overwhelming for beginners
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Overall, Esprit is a great CAD/CAM software. its CAD to CAM interface makes it a go-to option for satisfying CAD/CAM needs. With this interface, users can reduce design time, as there’s no need to rebuild or edit the geometry of native parts models, they can import straight from the source. However, as the name implies, EspritCAM is more CAM than CAD. And with numerous unique features like twin simulation, multitasking, 5-axis deburring, etc., this software solution is adaptable for any type of machining process. Also, the partnership with Onshape to create a full cloud-based CAD allows for easy collaboration between users, even on different devices.

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