There are certain styles of logo design trends that we believe would break the internet in 2021, and that is why we have brought a list of them to your doorstep. These design trends vary, and not all of them might work for your business logo.

The world keeps advancing, and specific design trends give your target audience the impression that you are a brand to watch out for. Sometimes, it is best to step out of your comfort zone and try new design trends to give your logo an up-to-date look.

In 2021 using highlights, depth and shadows will add depth to your design.

New design trends do not necessarily change your logo completely. They provide you with more options you can add to modify your logo. Don’t forget that we already have some brands that we recommend you use to design your logo in the instance that you want to try out one of the top logo design trends for 2021.

3D and Isometric Logos

In 2021 using highlights, depth and shadows will add depth to your design. If you already have a logo adding these features would automatically transform it into a modern design without your logo losing its essence. 3D logo designs are eye-catching and are relatively easier to remember.

If you’ve been searching for a new or modified logo design, this logo design trend is an excellent option that offers variety and many great logo designs.

Wordmark Logos

An adequately designed wordmark finishes the job boldly and quickly. Its concept involves using your brand name alone in the logo but adding a stylized font to refine the look. Combining your brand with this concept will take your brand awareness to the next level in 2021. This is so because; an adequately designed wordmark logo does the job confidently and without fuss. However, let’s not forget that doing the job and dazzling with excellence is even better. Coca-Cola is an example of a wordmark logo in which the logo is easily identifiable and has withstood the test of time.

Ink style Logos

Are you looking for an eye-catching new trend? Then the ink-style logos are an option. Its hatched lines, ink styles, and stylized signatures would make anybody stare in admiration. Sprinkle in the qualities the ink style brings, such as focusing on details, focusing on quality, hand-drawn, and uniqueness to your logo. Surely you must be thinking about trying this new style, as we believe that this classy set of logos will be the ones to watch in 2021.

Nature-inspired logo style

This design has always been particular to certain nature-associated brands, but this design is going trend the way news spreads like wildfire in 2021. Nature-inspired designs usually give one a sense of harmony, rest and calm, a sense of growth, new beginnings, and a much-needed breath of fresh air. The question now is, could there be a concept more appropriate than using nature itself? I think not.

Standard Black and white logo designs

Standard or typical white and black design styles are never really thrown into the abyss, and frankly speaking, why should they?  Sometimes you don’t need to change your strategy to keep being a winner; you can go on with your classy and direct logo design and adding a few new effects to make it more contemporary. Indeed, this trend will take the bull by its horn and continue to be a big player in 2021. You can also add newer techniques such as 3D and animation to give it a cool effect.

Mascot and Character in Logo Designing

A tip for logo designs in 2021 is to include a character or mascot. The latest techniques available have provided style designers with the power to bring their creative imaginations into the limelight to create such characters. The bonus is the relatability to your audience, the personification of your brand, and increased flexibility for the use of your character. The typical posters and static advertising are nice. Still, the transition into advertising videos, animation, micro-animation, and social media opens up more avenues for the multi-purpose use of your logo.

Striking colors in logo design

Crazy color combinations (Bright, flashy, brassy, bold, and vivid – crazy colors) in your logo is a sure-fire way to get an immediate impact from your logo in 2021. When creating a logo, one way to single out your logo or stand out is to step out of the comfort zone and try going wild with color combinations. It is excellent for transforming your old logo into a widely appreciated new one. Consider using Looka to test out color combinations.

Glitches in Logo Design

It is common knowledge that not everything has gone as planned recently. This 2021 trend takes advantage of the chaotic atmosphere into creating a design that does not follow the rules. The result is a new, very bold, and unique logo. It might not work for every business, but it would work excellently well, whichever it would work for.

Crazy color combinations (Bright, flashy, brassy, bold, and vivid – crazy colors) in your logo is a sure-fire way to get an immediate impact from your logo in 2021.

Designers are advised to take a leap of faith into the crazy ocean of creativity and be pulled by the tide of new design styles.

Animated Logos

The use of animation will be a design style that would seize the crown in 2021. An animation usually draws attention and holds the interest of the beholder. This design style is appropriate for most businesses and shows that your logo is modernized and headed the right way.


Much like 3D, gradient coloring adds depth and tangible attributes to your logo design. This immediately creates interest and unique quality. This design style allows you to retain focus on the color, seize the viewer’s attention and flow from one element to another while also maintaining the instantly recognizable quality that good logos have. Why not try this group of attention grabbers?

Basic Geometry Shapes in Logo Design

Simple can be very classy at times, and in 2021 it seems as we can also go back to the basics. There aren’t many things as creative as using basic building blocks to create something massive and more aesthetically pleasing to look at. Essential little pieces coming together to create something new. This style will trend and take 2021 by the hook. This style also gives you the chance to add and subtract alternate colors and animate sections while also retaining their essence.

Final Word

2021 is here already, and one thing is for sure. The ones who embrace change, and adapt to the endless possibilities that change brings, are the ones more likely to succeed. This is the reality in both business and design. These mouth-watering logo designs have been thoroughly and carefully collated to show the trends that will run ahead into the near future and beyond. You either go with them or stay behind; the choice is yours to make. Finally, unless you have experience and knowledge of design principles, it is best to hire a professional designer because your logo is an investment in your future. Fiverr is one of many places to hire a highly experienced designer, one who is aware of design trends and how best to manipulate them to your advantage.