Company: Salesforce
Salesforce is packed with features that are designed with customers’ needs in mind. It integrates
Starting from: $25/mo
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  • Innovative product design
  • Well-adapted for mobile devices
  • Cloud-based CRM
  • Scalability & Compliance with a range of apps
  • Complicated Pricing Options
  • You must pay for add-ons to utilize the CRM software fully
  • Poor customer support
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With features such as contact and lead management, opportunity tracking, reporting, analytics tool, and workflow creation, Salesforce CRM definitely checks the boxes for a five-star CRM provider. Furthermore, the CRM software is highly flexible with sheer scalability, making it a good choice for companies that want to expand in the future. Its tools are compatible with other business tools, and the software works seamlessly on mobile devices. Not to mention the simple user interface and how businesses of any size can integrate the software effortlessly. I don’t regret the time I spent using the software, and you wouldn’t either. However, as Salesforce continues to make waves in the cloud-computing industry, they will have to look into their pricing. $25 is a bit pricey for the Essentials package, which I use. Additionally, many users complain that the subscription plans are way above their budget, especially when compared to other CRM options. Furthermore, payment procedures at Salesforce are very complex, and the company's help support can do better with the timing of their responses. Expert Quote Title "Salesforce is a world-class cloud-computing company and provides top class CRM software.”

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