"HubSpot has excellent email marketing features that can support most businesses, and its capabilities are extendable via integrations."
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  • CRM and other integrations are available
  • Has customizable modern and professionally designed templates
  • The email marketing automation features are fantastic
  • HubSpot is intuitive and very easy to use
  • Fees can add up as the business grows
  • The sheer number of features can become overwhelming for some
  • The number of email marketing templates are limited
Company Background

 HubSpot launched in 2005 and has since risen to become one of the best inbound marketing platforms. It is a growth platform that helps your team work more efficiently together. Their products comprise of sales, CMS, marketing, and service tools for growing or improving a specific area in your business. They also offer a 100% free CRM. HubSpot unites software, education, and community to help companies reach their fullest potential.

Plans & Pricing

Email marketing is part of HubSpot’s ‘marketing hub,’ and the company offers three plans. These are ‘Starter’, ‘Professional’, and ‘Enterprise’. There’s also a free trial for life that gives users 2,000 free email sends per month.

HubSpot has a plan for any business size. The investment makes sense for the high-end features offered; however, it’s still more pricey than many of its competitors.



The Starter plan is $50/mo. You’ll receive a contact limit of 1,000 and can send 5x that limit or contact tier. There’s an investment of $50/mo for every additional 1,000 contacts. Also, you can save 20 percent if billed annually.


The Professional plan starts at $800/mo, paid annually (no monthly payment option). However, you can contact HubSpot to inquire about paying monthly. With the Professional package, you get 1,000 contacts and pay $50/mo for every additional 1,000 contacts.


With the Enterprise plan, you get 10,000 contacts and pay $10/mo for each additional 1,000 contacts. The plan starts at $3200/mo, paid annually. Like the Professional plan, you can contact HubSpot for alternative billing.

Features & Functionality
General Features

HubSpot makes it easy to create and send beautiful emails. The platform does all the things you’d expect from an email marketing software and much more. It comes with many features, such as graymail suppression, reporting, template builder, email automation, and smart content.

  • Unlimited Emails
  • Image Library
  • Drag-and-Drop Editor
  • Multiple Users
  • Gmail Import
  • Sign-Up Forms
  • Google Analytics
  • Email Lists
  • Segmenting
Graymail Suppression

HubSpot’s graymail suppression feature automatically removes contacts that haven’t been engaging with your emails using set criteria. The system will remove people that opened the first email but haven’t interacted with your last 16 emails. It’ll also remove recipients that never opened an email and haven’t interacted with the previous 11 emails.


HubSpot’s reporting feature lets you review data concerning engagement, delivery, and performance. The reporting is quite advanced, enabling a deeper dive into trends for effective decision-making.

Email Automation

HubSpot lets you create automated sequences and workflows. The former involves sending a series of targeted emails with different templates to nurture contacts. The latter is focused on automating processes concerning sales, marketing, and services.

  • A/B Testing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Surveys
  • Bounce Management
  • Tracking Analytics
  • Automated Email Responses
Template Builder

You can create email marketing templates using the template builder, which features a drag and drop editor. That way, you can use ready-made custom templates for your email campaigns.

Smart Content

Smart content is a feature that allows you to display different content versions to users based on specific criteria. You can create intelligent body texts, CTAs (call-to-action), forms, and even add smart content to web pages.


HubSpot provides five templates for free users. As a paying customer, you’ll gain access to 20 email marketing templates, specific to different goals. You’ll find modern templates for newsletters, promotions, welcome emails, announcements, birthdays, events, etc. Each design is highly customizable, and HubSpot provides a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor.

  • Email Templates
  • Building Personalized Emails
  • Email & Mobile Preview
  • Flexible Design
  • Storage for Data & Images
  • Newsletter Templates
Ease of Use

The platform ticks all the right boxes when it comes to its user interface and intuitiveness. Everything is highly responsive, and the dashboard is easy to understand. There’s a tutorial for first-time users with many tips and hints that make the platform easy to learn. Everything is straightforward – no steep learning curve.

Customer Support

The tech support and customer service team at HubSpot are knowledgeable, quick to respond, and eager to help. Many users have also reported having a great experience with HubSpot support.

Additional customer support:
Community Forum
HubSpot manages a community forum where users can get their questions answered and share ideas

You’ll find a plethora of useful information on the company’s blog

24/7 Help & Support
24/7 Help & Support
The customer support team for paying customers is open 24/7
Phone Support
Phone Support
HubSpot support can be reached by phone
Live Online Chat
Live Online Chat
Available to paying users can chat with customer support
You can reach HubSpot support by email
Video Tutorials
Video Tutorials
Available on the company's YouTube channel and website
The company maintains an updated email marketing FAQ page
Final Word

If you’re looking for an advanced all-in-one marketing solution, then HubSpot is probably it. HubSpot has excellent email marketing features that can support most businesses, and its capabilities are extendable via integrations. While HubSpot costs more than many of its competitors, it makes up for it. The platform is straightforward to use, responsive, flexible, and consisting of many outstanding features. You gain not only access to email marketing tools but also all of the components within its Marketing Hub. Small companies getting started with building out their email list should opt for the free trial. It doesn't expire, which gives you plenty of time to learn.

Gabriel Nwatarali
Author: Gabriel Nwatarali
Gabriel Nwatarali is a digital marketer and designer, who has successfully helped several organizations complete complex marketing, including design projects. He's the founder of Tech Help Canada, a results-driven design and marketing agency. He also regularly contributes his knowledge of tech, digital marketing, and business to online publications.