Company: Adobe
Adobe is a versatile, integrated design suite for printing and digital publishing. Adobe CC is one
Starting from: $52.99/mo
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  • Multiple ways to export
  • Seamless integrations and compatibility with CC suite of apps
  • Robust help and support
  • Image-tracing tools
  • There aren't many advanced graphic design tutorials
  • Users require training to use the software
  • Software tends to take up disk space
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Adobe Creative Cloud is rich professional design software that can be used to create quality vector-based designs and elements. It offers a wide range of software, tools, menus, panels, and dropdowns for design. The multitude of features can be overwhelming for new users, and many people only get to scratch the surface of this creative suite. However, professionals who can take the time to practice and master the advanced features can create stunning vector-based graphics with relative ease. Most people don't want the long-term commitment of a subscription plan, and this can be a drawback. But you can take advantage of the trial period to get a feel of the software and see if you want to commit in the long term.

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Overall Reviews
User Reviews
Kim T
No employees
Used for: 2+ years
02 Jun - 2021

Very happy customer!

Adobe Creative Cloud has been the most amazing asset to my business. I can design on multiple software- be it photoshop, illustrator, or indesign. Each has served me wonderfully and the outcome has been high-end, reliable, and seamless.


The ability to save and store all files to either the creative cloud or to my own hard drive has been super helpful in keeping everything backed up and in order. Also saves room on my laptop!


Nothing bad to report. Adobe is top-notch in every way!

Charity B
02-10 employees
Used for: 1-2 years
03 May - 2021

Perfect for Professionals

This is the most professional suite of apps for design there ever was created. We use on the daily. We can work in multiple programs for different purposes. Everything can then be cycled through the bridge. Thus all of our content is organized and accessible - via on the go or when on the computer.


Amazing interface, highly intuitive tools/presets. Can design anything of your imagination.


These programs are full of many possibilities, which means there is a lot to learn. Hence, its better for professionals who are adept in design.

Josephina L
11-50 employees
Used for: 2+ years
12 Apr - 2021

Endless creativity at your fingertips

Many apps to work with. Each are easily downloadable and the ease-of-use is so natural.


Versatile tools meant for those who take design seriously. Smooth and fast working software. There is always something to try and learn, as there are constant updates and new features being added.


It can get expensive and you can easily get locked into a subscription. However, the free trials are great