Company: Freshservice
Freshservice Inventory Management is a business operation solutions provider. The services on offer
Starting from: $19/mo
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  • Brilliant analytics tools
  • Great support for businesses of all sizes
  • Multiple advanced inventory tools
  • Smart automations
  • Costly subscription plans
  • No API integration
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With Freshservice, you get much more than billing and inventory management. You also get valuable insights. To this effect, their concise financial reporting tool will help to provide your business with expert analysis and key information at a glance. With Freshservice, your business data is basically at your fingertips. Just as well, the advanced ticketing system will help you to take problem resolution to a whole new level. You can easily assign new tickets to customer accounts and link call logs to the tickets. This will optimize escalation processes, and subsequently, problem resolution. Project Analytics is the special tool that has been embedded in their cloud-based software that is fast, flexible, and accurate. In addition, Freshservice has a self-service portal that allows users to raise tickets for subsequent escalation for speedy problem resolution

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