Company: ClickUp
ClickUp is a cloud-based project management and collaboration platform for businesses of all sizes
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  • Excellent technical support
  • Great value for money
  • All documents stored in one location for real-time collaboration
  • Error when trying to make a new list and could not find any help online
  • Few of the features are overwhelming, and the UI is a bit disorganized
  • Time tracking features only available on a paid plan
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In summary, ClickUp is a great management tool, and would easily find its way to being the best PM software in the industry. Most customer reviews are always positive, with less than 10% finding a downside to the software. If you run a small business, and do not require these extra 'unlimited' features, you'd get the most out of ClickUp without spending a dime on subscription. When it comes to value for Money, ClickUp scores a 5/5 in value for money, as you'll get even more features than the money you spend, and ClickUp costs quite lower than other competitors in the industry, little wonder most people are switching to ClickUp. ClickUp would save you a whole lot of time, while you focus on doing what's more important. Great technical support, and lots of video tutorials are available, so you're sure not to get stuck at any point.

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