Company: ServiceNow
ServiceNow; a Website-as-a-service provider, is one of the most popular IT service management in as
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  • Demo Account
  • Intuitive User interface
  • Ease of ticket tracking
  • Ease of Customization
  • High cost of products
  • Tasks include many subtasks which could be easily missed
  • The navigation panel isn't easy to understand
  • Difficulty in adding configuration items (CIs) without administration assistance
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In summary, it's a good learning platform, a wonderful IT management software, capable of handling virtually every Management need of yours. I also came to know various things that are present and which are available to use so I can say I had a good experience with the tool. The interface is user-friendly and one can easily adapt to it and also every option is provided and the flow is also maintained so the data is not lost when reverted. ServiceNow is a very good software and can handle your daily Change ticket system. It is easy to use and very well organized.

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