Company: SolarWinds
SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor is a low-cost and simple-to-use system management tool that
Starting from: $19/mo
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  • Ability to Monitor uptime and create alerts for nodes which are down.
  • Performance monitoring of devices - utilization of resources like CPU, Mem, Interfaces.
  • Visibility of all network and server device health on one dashboard.
  • Real-time alerting.
  • NetPath scaling for very large environments like Banks.
  • NPM could be very slow at drawing charts and historical data from the SQL database.
  • Cost when scaling can get expensive.
  • IPSec VPN tunnel monitoring of the FortiGate firewall is not supported.
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SolarWinds Server Application Monitor is a well-integrated product with NPM, with ready-to-use templates/collection of monitored parameters for a variety of business requirements (SQL, Exchange, etc). Actually, using the NPM and VIM (virtualization manager) modules together, you can get a complete picture of your virtual computing environment's monitoring capabilities. SolarWinds provides a tool that provides an out-of-the-box overview of your environment, as well as a number of community articles that will assist you in customizing the product (thwack.solarwinds.com). The tool is also very easy to update/upgrade without the need for external consultants. The AppStack view, in which you can see one system and all related subsystems with their statuses on one simple widget, was my favorite.

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