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360Learning, Learning Management Software was developed to empower learning and development (L&D) a
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  • Course creation has been simplified, and it takes 17 minutes
  • Increase in learner’s engagement
  • Easy management of courses online
  • Achievement of more with minimum effort
  • Has a limited option for direct support
  • Many features available for enterprise plan
  • It has many technical bugs that make its functionality slow
  • Upgrades done in the middle of business hours causes inconveniences
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360Learning is a Learning Management Software that boasts easy course creation, which can take up to 17 minutes. It is beneficial for small/medium businesses, large enterprises, and public Administrations. It helps in tracking employees learning capabilities. The clients are also trained on using the platform and creating courses. The platform introduced Collaborative Learning, which enables the clients to have minimal work because a hectic part has been handled. 360Learning enables the learners to interact with experts who understand your business better and learn from them.

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