"Flagship is a payment processing for in-store, online, and mobile commerce"
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  • No application, setup, or early termination fees
  • Phone support available 24/7
  • Several options for hardware
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  • Several online complaints
Company Background

Mergers and acquisitions seem to be a common occurrence in the credit card processing industry. One example is Flagship Merchant Services. Headquartered in Charlestown, MA, Flagship Merchant Services is a merchant services provider that offers payment processing for in-store, online, and mobile commerce. It was founded in 2001, but payment processing firm Paysafe acquired Flagship to extend its reach. Today, Flagship is a reseller of PaySafe products and services. However, they have their own in-house customer service team for handling their clients’ accounts.

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Plans & Pricing

Flagship Merchant Services doesn’t have fixed prices. Instead, it evaluates your business and needs, then offers custom pricing based on that. You have to contact a salesperson to find out pricing, which means you may have to prepare for a sales pitch. As for processing fees, Flagship has both tiered and interchange-plus pricing. Tiered is more the pricier of the two.

No defined pricing does come with an advantage: negotiating room. You might be able to talk your initial offer down a bit if you know what you’re doing.

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There are several fees associated with using Flagship’s services:

  • Gateway fee: $7.95 per month to use Authorize.net and NMI.
  • Monthly account fee: Varies, generally around $7.95 per month.
  • Monthly minimum: Usually a $25 monthly minimum in your contract.
  • PCI compliance fee: $99 per year.
  • PCI non-compliance fee: $19.95 per month. Avoid this by filling out Flagship’s PCI assessment survey.

Fortunately, Flagship doesn’t charge any application, setup, or early termination fees.

Features & Functionality
General Features

Business Management Portal
In Flagship’s iAccess 3.0 business management portal, you can review account activity, check out support resources, generate reports, look over your analytics, and more. Flagship Merchant Services offers two versions of iAccess: Lite (less expensive) and Essentials (more expensive).

Digital Loyalty Programs
Flagship uses Pirq to let you build and manage your own digital loyalty program. Pirq lets you give customers a digital punch card for your program. Another benefit of the loyalty program creation is improved marketing. You can segment your customers based on loyalty data to run special promotions and other campaigns. For example, you might offer a “VIP” store credit to your customers that spend X amount of money with you every month. By creating a loyalty program through Flagship/Pirq, you can reward your customers for spending their money with you — increasing the chances they come back again and spread the word about your business.

Gift Card Creation
Did you know that some studies have shown offering gift cards increases sales (beyond the gift card purchase itself)? For example, a customer with a $50 gift card might spend $60. This is likely because the customer gets the gift card (which is essentially free money), loves the store, then spends more because they’ve been given free money.

Keep in mind that some customers never redeem their cards, either. Not so good for them, but great for you — you get free revenue and cash flows without actually selling an item. Not to mention you can offer gift cards instead of cash for returns, which keeps cash flows high. Flagship lets you create your own reloadable gift cards with flexible redemption options. Plus, you can add whatever design you like to each card, including your branding, which gets your brand in front of more eyeballs. Of course, Flagship offers reporting and analytics on your gift card program, too.

Business Financing
Many merchant services give out merchant cash advances to qualifying businesses that apply. Essentially, the merchant gives the business some amount of money (based on current and predicted future sales) in exchange for a slice of their credit sales over a defined period.

Flagship Merchant Services offers merchant cash advances up to $150,000. It’s a perfect way to get cash fast that you can use to cover operating expenses, stock up on emergency savings, or invest in profitable new projects.

  • ACH Payment Processing
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Cryptocurrency Processing
  • Data Security
  • Debit/Credit Card Processing
  • Electronic Signature
  • In-Person Payments
  • Mobile Payments
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Online payment processing
  • PCI Compliance
  • POS Integration
  • Payment Fraud Prevention
  • Payment Processing Services Integration
  • Recurring Billing
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Mobile Credit card processing
  • Cash Transactions
  • Contactless NFC
  • Electronic Receipts
  • Mobile Card Reader
Hardware & Software

Flagship sells all sorts of payment processing hardware, most of them from the credit card processing company Clover. Some of these include:

  • POS systems
  • EMV and NFC devices
  • Smart terminals
  • Wireless credit card processing.

Flagship provides you one basic POS terminal for free when you become a customer. They’ll also reprogram one of your POS terminals for free. You can use Flagship from anywhere you have an Internet connection, whether on the computer or through the PaySafe mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Cloud-Based
  • On-place Installation
  • Windows
  • Mac
Pricing Options Automations
  • Free Trial
  • Freemium
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Annual Subscription
  • One-Time License
Sales Channels
  • Instore Sales
  • Online Sales
  • Mobile Sales
Ease of Use

Flagship is pretty easy to get going. With so many hardware options available, it shouldn’t be too hard to find what you need for your business. Of course, Flagship’s 24/7 customer phone support is just a call away.

Customer Support

Flagship offers toll-free phone support 24/7, as well as email support. However, it doesn’t seem to give you much else. That said, you can check out Flagship’s long FAQs list, too.

24/7 Help & Support
24/7 Help & Support
There is 24/7 support available to all users.
Phone Support
Phone Support
Toll-free, 24/7 customer service is available at 888-272-7624.
Fill out Flagship’s quote request form to speak with an agent.
Check out Flagship’s FAQs page for a long list of FAQs.
Final Word

Flagship seems like a reasonable choice of merchant services provider for high-volume businesses. It offers custom, month-to-month pricing, a bunch of hardware choices, and nifty, business-boosting features loyalty and gift card program creation. Still, Flagship seems to have a lot of online complaints. Do note that every processor gets complaints online, though. Closely consider your needs and review the fine print before working with Flagship — but remember, you can always cancel your month-to-month contract if need be.

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