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Quickbooks is one of the top accounting software products for small to mid-sized businesses. Its a
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  • Transparent, flat-rate plan pricing
  • Month-to-month contract (no early termination fee)
  • Variety of self-help support resources
  • Seamless integration with Quickbooks’ bookkeeping features
  • Requires Quickbooks Online subscription
  • Pricier than some other processors
  • Transaction pricing is a bit complicated
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Quickbooks Payments is definitely a good payment processing and merchant services solution. However, you do need a full Quickbooks subscription to get it. If you’re not keen on Quickbooks or enjoy your current accounting/bookkeeping solution, then Quickbooks Payments isn’t really worth it. But if you’re a Quickbooks user (or soon to be one), you really can’t go wrong with Quickbooks Payments. If the wealth of features doesn’t persuade you, the seamless integration with your Quickbooks data streamlines your business’s financial side will.

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