"NetSuite is an excellent choice if you use it alongside other NetSuite modules and have the budget for it."
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  • Flexible billing scheduling
  • Subscription management
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Cloud-based
  • Expensive
  • Many features are paid add-ons
  • Can be a bit overwhelming
Company Background

NetSuite was founded in 1998 by Evan Goldberg. Goldberg wanted it to be an accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) for businesses of all sizes.

Nearly 20 years later, in 2016, after NetSuite saw plenty of growth, Oracle acquired the company from Goldberg. It continued to stand out as a leading accounting and ERP solution for small businesses.

NetSuite is now known for offering a vast array of features that can suit nearly any-sized business in a range of industries. With its hands in so many areas of business, it’s only natural that NetSuite has extensive invoicing functionality — all under the moniker “BillingSuite.”

Plans & Pricing

NetSuite’s pricing isn’t clear since there are tons of features and other variables that confound things.

Still, there are three main plans that each have core functionalities.

With this in mind, we’ll cover NetSuite’s main plans without particularly addressing the invoicing functionality.

To help you decide if NetSuite is right for you, you can take a product tour and sign up for the 14-day free trial.

NetSuite Limited
plus $99/user/mo
14-day FREE trial
NetSuite Mid-Market
plus $99/user/mo
14-day FREE trial
Netsuite Enterprise
plus $99/user/mo
14-day FREE trial

NetSuite Limited

NetSuite starts its core plans with Limited, costing $999/mo plus $99/user/mo. Limited brings various helpful features such as customer service management, vendor management, marketing automation, several accounting features, and more. Overall, this plan is designed for businesses with 10 or fewer employees.

NetSuite Mid-Market

If your business has anywhere between 11 and 1,000, you can step up to Mid-Market for $2,499/mo plus $99/user/mo. This plan includes all of Limited’s features, but you can manage multiple legal entities within one account. In other words, you can run multiple businesses or other organizations with one NetSuite account.

Netsuite Enterprise

Larger businesses — those with over 1,000 employees — can upgrade to Netsuite Enterprise. It’s the same as Mid-Market but designed to support the immense number of people who might need to access all the NetSuite modules.

Features & Functionality
General Features
Robust Financial Tools

NetSuite has it all when it comes to accounting and financial management. Inside its platform, you’ll find core accounting functions, billing, global accounting reconciliation & consolidation, financial planning & reporting, revenue recognition management, and GRC (governance, risk, and compliance) features. Because of this, your invoicing activity connects with other accounting functions seamlessly for better financial management.

Flexible Billing Scheduling

Do you have several clients that all pay you on a recurring basis, but at different times and on different schedules? NetSuite makes it easy to control all of this thanks to its billing scheduling features.

Through this billing-scheduling feature, you can easily use sale orders to generate invoices while ensuring said invoices date themselves properly. These invoices are also automatically sent out on the correct dates/at the right intervals.

Subscription Management

Another recurring billing feature NetSuite offers is subscription management. You can do all the basics necessary to sell subscription services — defining subscription terms/pricing, subscription proration, creating multiple renewal options, and more.

Reporting and Analytics

No business solution would be complete without reporting and analytics, and NetSuite comes in heavy with these features. It offers an entire platform called SuiteAnalytics dedicated to this.

SuiteAnalytics offers the ability to perform highly complex data analysis tasks yet simplifies the UI enough so that doing so is easy — even for inexperienced users. You can save searches and reports, create pivot tables and charts with drag-and-drop, create advanced filters, and more.

NetSuite is also working on advanced AI and machine learning to implement into the platform for even more powerful insights.

  • Customizing your invoice
  • Tracking Invoice Views
  • Customizing invoice payment terms
  • Offer Discounts
  • Estimates
  • Recurring Invoices
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multi-Language
  • Client Portal
  • Send Emails
  • Automated Tax Circulations
  • Invoice Previews
  • Banking Data Synchronization
  • Send receipts to customers
  • Online payments
  • Late Payment Fees
  • Track refunds and credits issues
  • Deposit Payments
  • Track Offline Payments
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Auto Payment
  • Payment reports
Time Tracking
  • Automated bills for tracked hours per project
  • Different Rates for each Project
  • Generate Invoices
  • Timer
  • Tracking against clients and projects
Track Expenses
  • Record Expenses
  • Record Mileage
  • Generate Invoices
  • Recurring Expenses
Supported Devices
  • Windows
  • Android
  • Linux
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-Based
Pricing Model
  • Monthly Payment
  • One-Time Payment
  • Annual Subscription
Ease of Use

NetSuite’s invoicing does have a lot of features, which can get a bit overwhelming. It’s for this reason that there’s an entire industry of NetSuite consultants. That said, it’s still relatively easy to use, given the functionality packed in.

NetSuite also offers training programs and extensive live and self-help support resources for the entire platform, as well as invoicing in particular to shorten the learning curve a bit.

Customer Support

NetSuite offers its customers several ways to get help, from speaking with agents to helping yourself. These include phone, live chat, email, blogs, FAQs, and more.

Customer support availability differs between plans, though. All customers get 24/7 support for the most critical issues, but to access round-the-clock support for non-critical issues, you need a higher-level plan.

Additional customer support:
NetSuite’s blog covers general business subject matter, NetSuite how-tos use cases for the software, and more.

NetSuite customers can access the NetSuite community forum to ask questions and enhance their knowledge of the application.

24/7 Help & Support
24/7 Help & Support
Around the clock assistance available only for critical issues
Phone Support
Phone Support
Available 24/7 for critical issues
Live Online Chat
Live Online Chat
Chat with customer support agents
Reach out to NetSuite via email by filling out its contact form
Video Tutorials
Video Tutorials
NetSuite’s YouTube channel is full of helpful tutorial videos
Detailed FAQs page for current and prospective customers
Final Word

NetSuite’s comprehensive platform helps companies in nearly any industry handle most aspects of their businesses. The invoicing in particular has plenty of helpful features and integrates with the rest of NetSuite (and, by extension, some external applications) fairly easily. NetSuite is expensive, though, and can be challenging to use for a bit. The company offsets that with extensive support. Overall, NetSuite is an excellent choice if you use it alongside other NetSuite modules and have the budget for it.

Bradley Schnitzer
Author: Bradley Schnitzer
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