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  • Accurate tax calculations & free tax filings
  • Easy integrations
  • Easy to use interface with simple time tracking
  • Customized onboarding tools
  • No mobile app
  • No annual plan, lifetime plan or money back guarantee
  • Fairly limited performance appraisal features
  • No option to e-sign custom documents in core plan.
Company Background

Gusto Payroll is a modern, cloud-based, software that helps small and mid-sized businesses easily onboard, track, pay, and support the employees. Developed by Gusto, the software is now used by over 100,000 businesses in all 50 US states. Full payroll tax automation and easy-to-use time tracking make Gusto an attractive option.

Plans & Pricing

Gusto Payroll currently offers four different plans: core, complete, concierge and contractor. The plans vary in terms of features, monthly fee, and per person fee. Gusto offers a free demo as of now but does not provide a money-back guarantee.

Overall, Gusto payroll offers competitive pricing packages with comprehensive features for small to mid-sized businesses. These features enable employers to automate payroll activities, without worrying about incorrect tax filings or timely transfer of funds to employees. With complete time tracking, employee directory, accounting integrations, and onboarding tools, there isn’t anything crucial left uncovered by Gusto.

FREE demo
FREE demo
FREE demo
FREE demo


This plan starts from $36 per month and $6 per employee. It is best for new, small businesses and offers all the basic features, including full-service payroll access, employee self-service, employee profiles, compensation administration, two-day direct deposits, time-off policies, customer support, onboarding tools, accounting integrations, health insurance administration, Gusto Wallet and documentation management. There is no limit in terms of the number of employees and the number of payrolls processed per month.


This is the basic package offered to businesses without any W-2 employees. They can avail it to seamlessly pay 1099 contractors and file the form 1099. There is no monthly cost in the case, but the per person cost is $6 per month.


This plan stays at $36 per month but the cost per person is higher at $12 per month. In addition to the features available in the core plan, this plan includes additional features, such as customizable onboarding tools, next-day direct deposits, Autopilot Payroll, employee directory, employee surveys, time tracking, workforce costing and project tracking.


This is the most comprehensive of Gusto payroll plans and costs $149 per month plus $12 per person. While the majority of the features remain the same, the additional perks include access to dedicated customer support, HR resource center and services of HR Certified Pros. This package is only recommended for businesses not familiar with HR practices or businesses with complex set of operations. Here, the Certified HR Pros can provide valuable insights for managing the payroll.

Features & Functionality
General Features

Gusto payroll software includes all the features for businesses to completely automate the payroll activities for their employees. The interface is relatively simple and straightforward, especially for employers not familiar with the complicated payroll practices. Gusto can be accessed from Mac, Windows, or the web. There is no mobile app for employers as of now, but there is a basic Gusto Mobile Wallet app for employees that offers limited features. Some of the key features of Gusto payroll software are as follows:

Payroll Automation

With Gusto, the payroll process can be completed in three easy steps, synching pay, reviewing details and approving the payroll. Summaries of the payroll are generated as part of the process, which can be reviewed at a glance. Moreover, the payroll can be set on Autopilot, which means the process runs automatically in the background.

Free Payroll Tax Filings

With Gusto, you don’t have to worry about calculating and filing the taxes. That’s right. While most payroll platforms allow you to calculate the taxes, based on your location, Gusto goes one step ahead and files your taxes free of charge every time the payroll is processed. Many service providers charge additional amounts for this service.

Time and Benefit Tracking

Gusto offers advanced time and benefits tracking features. This means the tool can be handy if you have hourly workers. It can also be useful if your business follows a project or job order costing system as the tracked hours can be easily allocated on the basis of the project.  

Add-ons and Integrations

A key feature that makes Gusto a recommended option is the dozens of integrations it offers. Gusto payroll software can be seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks, Xero, FreshBooks, Aplos, TSheets, Trainual, Shopify and Clover, amongst others. This means you don’t have to worry about transferring your payroll information to your accounting software, or transferring data from time recording software to Gusto. You can still continue using most of your preferred software when you join Gusto.

  • 401(k) Tracking
  • Benefits Management
  • Check Printing
  • Direct Deposit
  • Multi-Country
  • Multi-State
  • Payroll Outsourcing
  • Payroll Reporting
  • Self Service Portal
  • Tax Compliance
  • Vacation/Leave Tracking
  • W-2/1099 Preparation
  • Wage Garnishment
Attendance Tracking
  • Calendar Management
  • Employee Scheduling
  • FMLA Tracking
  • Overtime Calculation
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Self Service Portal
  • Time Tracking
Supported Devices
  • Windows
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-based
Pricing Model
  • Monthly Payment
  • One-Time Payment
  • Annual Subscription
Ease of Use

Gusto payroll software is particularly preferred by new businesses and small businesses due to its simplicity. You can easily onboard new employees, provide them access to the self-service portal, record and track their time and run the payroll process each month. There is a range of standard reports you can use to analyze the payroll trend. Gusto also provides video tutorials and live support in case you have a query.

Customer Support

Gusto offers email, phone, and chat support Monday to Friday during office hours. Their customer support has been rated as one of their key features over the past few years.

Phone Support
Phone Support
Phone support available to all users, regardless of package.
Live Online Chat
Live Online Chat
There is a live chat
There is an option for all users to email the support team.
Video Tutorials
Video Tutorials
There are a number of videos available on YouTube.
The FAQ covers basic and advanced software-related issues.
Final Word

Overall, Gusto offers great value for money spent on payroll software. It includes all the key features to let you easily operate the payroll process for your small or medium-sized business. Gusto is now used by over 100,000 users across US and has received outstanding customer reviews. Regardless of whether you are a business owner or responsible for running your organization’s payroll, Gusto payroll software should be on the top of your list.

Murad Jaffery
Author: Murad Jaffery
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