Company: Laplink
Laplink Everywhere is a powerful remote desktop software that provides hassle-free and one-click at
Starting from: $49.95/y
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  • Provides connectivity on the internet browser
  • Trusted for nearly 40 years
  • Compatible with Windows Vista and XP
  • Very cost-effective
  • Only connect to windows’ hosts
  • True color resolution not supported
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Did you ever wish that you could easily and quickly access your remote computer? Laplink everywhere provides you with one-click and no-hassle remote access to programs, contacts, files, emails, and more at any time and from everywhere. Whether you are using web-based ‘Laplink Everywhere’ or the ‘Laplink Toolbar’ on your mobile device, you will have the most powerful and easiest remote access functionality available. The Laplink Everywhere does all, including from one-click access to emails to full-screen remote control as if you are sitting in front of your PC. Just think about the situation when you forget the soft copy of your important files at home or when you arrive at the meeting without a presentation. Fortunately, Laplink Everywhere provides you with remote access to everything you need. The Laplink company provides you with a 24/7 live chat and phone support whereby you can troubleshoot real-time issues easily and quickly. The FAQ and email support are also available. This revolutionary product is available to you at the lowest price.

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