Company: Perimeter 81
Perimeter 81’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is part of its Network as a Service (NaaS) solution. a
Starting from: $8/mo
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  • Seamless onboarding and high scalability
  • Reduced costs
  • Great network visibility
  • Integrates with Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure
  • Don’t support google authentication
  • Per-user and per gateway pricing
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Perimeter 81 provides individuals and companies the peace of mind they deserve. The platform is certified SOC 2 Type 2. Moreover, it is compliant with ISO 27001, CCPA, HIPAA, and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This tool provides seamless high scalability and onboarding whereby you can easily expand your corporate network with a scalable platform and on-premise deployments or convenient cloud. With least-privilege access policies based on device, location, role, and identity, only the authorized workers are granted access to the company’s resources they need. Since the product is offering remarkable features, there is no reason not to buy it.

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