When you are running a business, there are a lot of moving parts. Finding the ideal balance between expansion and making sure that costs are minimized when possible can be something that is hard to find. While there are going to be certain areas of a business that are inherently easy to cut expenses, cost-saving measures in other departments might not be as obvious. For example, there can be some hidden costs associated with the likes of payroll. While they might not stand out from the page on initial viewing, you can discover the significance of some of these areas once you start to dig a bit deeper.

Payroll is vital that an efficient payroll system is in place. This ensures that your employees will get paid on time and they get their full pay without any issues. If you do not deliver on payroll, many issues can arise. Instead of spending a huge amount of time manually looking after every aspect of this segment, many businesses utilize payroll software in order to get everything in order. Using some sort of payroll software can be a great help, but hidden costs might still exist within this side of your business. This guide will showcase some of these potential money-suckers in your business and allow you to take back control.

Exchange rates issues

Exchange rates are going to come into play across many different businesses. While in the past, a lot of sectors would not have to deal with other types of currencies, we are now living in a connected world. This means that people often make sales, have employees, and buy goods in other nations. Therefore, exchange rates start to come into play.

While you might not think that there are going to be many costs associated with exchanging money, these costs can significantly accumulate over time. If you are paying people in other countries through payroll, then exchange rates are something you should consider. The payroll costs you face on a regular basis can massively fluctuate in line with winning exchange rates. In certain cases, this can deeply eat into profit levels.

While in certain aspects of a business, the owners would be happy to hold onto a certain currency in order to get a better exchange rate down the line potentially, this is not a luxury that a lot of businesses will have when it comes to payroll costs. Your people need to be paid, no matter what the current exchange rate might be. This affects all sizes of businesses and across many different industries. Large-scale corporations will normally be hedging their foreign exchange risk in order to protect against significant currency volatility.

However, small business owners will often not be in a situation to do the same, especially with minimal guidance. There are foreign exchange service providers on the market today that deal with these sorts of issues.

They can advise you on the ideal way to deal with exchange rate costs. This could see you getting the ability to lock in an exchange rate for a specific time period. Therefore, fluctuations will not affect your payments. It also provides winners with more certainty when it comes to budgeting and engaging in long-term planning.


When there is not an efficient payroll system in place, this is when mistakes are allowed to occur. Despite having been checked in place, human error is definitely something that can be more frequent than previously thought. Mistakes take place even in the largest corporations if they do not have tried and tested systems in place. These errors can many times lead to overpayments.

These types of mistakes can go largely unnoticed and possibly build into large sums in the long term. Errors could result in overpaying salaries, holiday pay, expenses, and bonuses. If you realize an overpaying mistake, the process to rectify this issue is usually extremely tough and cumbersome.

Misdirection of employees’ focus

When you do not have a well-oiled payroll system in your company, it can lead to a lot of wasted time for your employees. As opposed to putting their energy and focus into aspects of their work that can lead to positive results for the company, they can many times become inundated with manually handling data. This could be through entering data every day, transferring data, or reviewing regular payrolls.

This is a lot of time to be spending on activities that can often be highly automated through the right payroll systems. Of course, reviews and checks will be necessary from time to time, manually manipulating data is to be avoided where at all possible.

Instead, your team members can put their attention toward adding value in other areas, including planning and workforce analysis. It can also prevent you from having to make additional hires due to demands resulting from the inefficient payroll system you might have in place.


Ensuring that a business is fully compliant in all aspects is very important. The relevant authorities are all looking to make sure that businesses within their jurisdictions are following the letter of the law with their operations.

One area where compliance is particularly important is payroll. It can be a big-time drain for internal teams trying to manage payroll compliance. With legislation often changing and complicated calculations often involved, there is plenty of scope for error. If compliance issues have been discovered, this can result in many different problems down the line.

A lot of the best payroll companies like Square, Paychex, and Onpay, can make sure that these compliance concerns are no longer an issue. They will be completing compliance procedures for businesses, and keeping an eye on any potential changes to regulatory frameworks. Whatever the case may be, compliance with payroll is not something that should be put on the back burner. It is an area that requires attention in order to ensure that no future issues arise.


Payroll systems will likely have other hidden costs to consider, but this article provides you with a good starting point to start cutting costs. It can’t be emphasized enough that even small changes over time can lead to significant results over the long run. In-house payroll teams are a fixture in many companies, but this might not always be the best solution. Using automated payroll systems can take a big load off your hands, with the majority of your payroll situation able to be outsourced. This can give you peace of mind that everything is being looked after and meeting all of the relevant compliance requirements. These days, there are many payroll companies that offer a wide range of different services. Conducting research on which option is the ideal fit for your situation will be a good start.