Alliance Phones

AlliancePhones is a cloud-based VoIP solutions provider for small and medium-sized businesses with a main emphasis on providing reliable and easy-to-use business phone systems.  The company’s market focus is to offer its services in a reliable manner and to deliver outstanding customer service.  The company does not resell solutions based on third-party platforms but has developed its own technological infrastructure on which the service is distributed.  Since AlliancePhones uses its own platforms, it is dedicated to maintaining and upgrading them regularly and to employing expert troubleshooters who quickly resolve any problems customers may face.


Founded: 2012

Headquarters: South San Francisco, CA

Alliance Phones, VoIP
4.6 / 5.0
For small and medium businesses, AlliancePhones offers a hosted business telephony system.  The company focuses on delivering reliable and high-quality services that are easy to set up and use.  AlliancePhones bases its services on its own internally developed technology. Read review