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1-800 Accountant has become the one-stop site for all accounting matters. They offer every facet of financial management for proper business growth with their team of certified CPAs. Manage payroll and bookkeeping, save on taxes, and learn more about US taxes from its online portal.

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1-800Accountant is a nationwide team of CPAs that helps small businesses navigate the changing tax code. Start a Business, manage business taxes, manage payroll, and make bookkeeping easier with its easy-to-use software and support.

In-Depth Analysis

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Price 4.0
Ease Of Use 4.5
Features 4.5
Support 4.5


  • Highly intuitive
  • Transparent pricing structure
  • CPA-assisted features
  • Easy to set up


  • Limited to U.S. users
  • Pricing on the higher end

1-800Accountant Comparisons

Plans & Pricing

1-800 Accountant has four different plans with monthly pricing structures but billed annually. These plans include the Startup plan, the Business plan, the Corporation plan, and the Enterprise plan. This system can also provide custom plans to specifically serve different business needs.

Free trial
Free trial
Free trial

The Business Plan

The Business plan is a more advanced plan best suited for businesses in operation but needing support in running their basic accounting operations. It costs $125 per month but on annual billing.

Users of this plan get access to a dedicated business portal from which they can run accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll operations. In addition to the features of the Startup plan, users of this plan are entitled to a dedicated expert accountant and tax planning that accounts for future tax occurrences. Your business also benefits from quarterly accounting and tax reviews and tax advice throughout the validity of your subscription.

The Corporation Plan

The Corporation plan is ideal for businesses looking to dedicate more resources to the details of their tax payment. It is the most popular plan used on this software, and it goes for $225 per month on annual payment.

This plan includes personal and business tax preparations and the features of the Business plan. It also incorporates the expertise of tax specialists to help businesses optimize tax calculations and payments.

The Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan is an advanced 1-800 Accountant plan which costs $375 per month on annual billing. It is best suited for businesses needing complete accounting support but would rather not hire an accountant or an accounting firm.

In addition to the features of the Corporation plan, users of this plan are offered premium business support, expert bookkeeping help, and comprehensive financial reports.

Ease of Use

1-800 Accountant is a cloud-based solution that only requires you to request and get a call from experts to have your account up and operational. Onboarding is also not a problem with this software, as you’ll have human help completing that.
Upon signing into your 1-800 Accountant portal, you’ll find a highly intuitive dashboard. From this dashboard, you can easily find the contacts of your financial team, consisting of your Tax Analyst, Tax Advisor, Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Retirement Specialists. Having the contacts of your financial experts on your dashboard is very strategic, especially in the event of an emergency.
You can also navigate the entire portal very easily from your dashboard. For example, you can locate your reporting, banking, invoices, message center, settings, and mileage tracker from the menu on the left of the dashboard.
You can run this software from any desktop internet browser using Windows or Mac OS for implementation. You can also download the 1-800Accountant application on your Android or iPhone devices to keep your business running, even while you’re on the go.

Customer Support

1-800 provides support to its users in the following ways:
● There is also a Resource center to further aid your navigation of the software.
● When you opt for either of this software’s Business, Corporation, or Enterprise plan, your business will be assigned a dedicated accounting expert. You can reach this expert either by mail, phone, or the message center on the portal.

24/7 Help & Support
24/7 Help & Support
There is 24/7 support available to all users.
Phone Support
Phone Support
Phone support during working hours
Live Online Chat
Live Online Chat
An online rep responds to your queries via the chatbot available
Email during working hours
Video Tutorials
Video Tutorials
There are a number of videos available on YouTube.
The FAQ covers basic and advanced software-related issues.
Blog available on the website.
Features & Functionality
General Features

Dedicated Expert

Upon subscribing to the paid plans in 1-800Accountant, your business is assigned a certified financial expert. This expert can be a tax specialist, a certified accountant, a bookkeeping consultant, a tax advisor, or a payroll specialist. They provide expert advice and support for your business operations, sparing you to pay a local expert.

The fascinating thing about this feature is that your dedicated expert is paid from your annual subscription fee, not hourly, as obtainable in most online CPA platforms. You can easily reach these experts via the message center on your portal or their personal contact, which will be provided as soon as they are matched to your business.

Business Incorporation

Business incorporation is not a feature you will find in a regular accounting and bookkeeping program. But 1-800 Accountant helps you establish your business by providing entity formation services that would otherwise take you a long time to complete on your own.

Ultimately, this platform provides registered agent services for startups, performs name search availability, and completes your EIN and articles of organization acquisition. With a processing time frame of 24 hours, your dedicated expert will help you run a CPA-assisted launch. You’ll be able to access your formation documents from your online portal after the launch.


Like every other accounting software, 1-800 Accountant allows you to conveniently run your business’s bookkeeping operations. For example, you can modify, send, or save invoices in pdf format and categorize them as overdue, paid, or unpaid invoices. You can also upload and send your receipts via email.

However, the bookkeeping feature of this software may not work like your average invoicing platform since it does not incorporate inventory. It also does not process recurring invoices and bills, given that it was designed for small businesses.

Tax Preparations and Advisory

This feature happens to be the most advanced tool in this software. 1-800 Accountant does not only complete simple tax deductions and payments for businesses. It also handles complex tax forms and preparations for personal and business taxes. From the 1040s to 1099s and 1120s, this system keeps your business compliant without overworking your in-house expertise. It also features a Tax Projection page to give you insight into your tax figures and possible returns.

This software also matches your business with tax specialists who provide strategic tax advice to ensure that you save the most from your tax returns. You can easily access this advice from the Tax Suggestion section on the software.


With 1-800 Accountants, you have accounting experts manage your business’s payroll operations and compute your payroll taxes. From your online portal, you can track your employees’ work time and mileage to ensure that they’re adequately remunerated. This software also handles employee benefits and health insurance programs.

  • General Ledger
  • Bookkeeping
  • Manages Accounts Payable/Receivable
  • Income & Expenses Tracking/Management
  • Account Reconciliations
  • Financial Reporting
  • Receipt Scanning
  • Invoicing
Track Expenses
  • Record Expenses
  • Record Mileage
  • Generate Invoices
  • Recurring Expenses
Tax Preparation
  • Tax Compliance
  • Manage Tax Calculations/Reporting
  • Accountant-Prep Friendly
Time-Saving Automations
  • Automation of Invoices/Notifications
  • Suggests Transaction Matches
  • Purchase Order Automation

Given that 1-800 accountant brings human experience on board and is not your regular DIY software, it does not exactly come off as customizable. However, it works fine with whatever accounting and bookkeeping solution your business already uses.

To manage your payroll, this solution features add-ons for handling 401 (k), paid time off, health insurance, and other employee benefits.

  • Payment Processing
  • Payroll Processing
  • Project Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Third-Party Integrations
Supported Devices
  • Windows
  • Android
  • Linux
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-Based

Starting a business can sometimes be more tedious than its sustenance. If you’re starting and you’re looking for software to help you automate all the document processing, name verification, and registrations, then 1-800 Accountant was designed for you. Suppose you’ve also been in business but are looking to have accountants assist you here and there without hiring them directly. In that case, you may actually want to give this software a try.
1-800 Accountant solves your complex tax and compliance problems. It also slashes the cost of maintaining software and an expert. But its annual bulk sum is quite pricey, given that it was designed for small businesses. However, if you think your business will not suffer when you pay a large sum annually to get accounting support, you can try the software for 30 days. It could be the software your business needs to scale and overcome tax and other accounting challenges.

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Author: Murad Jaffery
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