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With 360Learning, you get collaborative tools and the power of an LMS. With it, companies can outgrow their potential in 17 minutes. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from 360Learning, which enhances the effectiveness of training.

Company: 360Learning

360Learning, LMS was developed by innovators in Paris, France, in 2012. Nick Hernandez is one of the founders and is the CEO. The headquarters is based in New York, USA. 360Learning, LMS, enhances cooperative learning techniques that involve the creation of courses and authoring tools without spending a lot of time and training to succeed.

In-Depth Analysis

0 Overall
Price 4.0
Ease Of Use 5.0
Features 4.0
Support 5.0


  • Course creation has been simplified, and it takes 17 minutes
  • Increase in learner’s engagement
  • Easy management of courses online
  • Achievement of more with minimum effort


  • Has a limited option for direct support
  • Many features available for enterprise plan
  • It has many technical bugs that make its functionality slow
  • Upgrades done in the middle of business hours causes inconveniences

360Learning Comparisons

Plans & Pricing

360Learning, LMS, has several plans that are available for their customers. Each of the plans has its advantages and disadvantages. The plans available include team, business, and enterprise. They do not offer free plans, but each of these plans offers a free 30- day trial for their clients without adding in your credit card details. It enables the clients to choose what they want before making money commitments.

30-day FREE trial
30-day FREE trial
30-day FREE trial


Team Plan is appropriate for teams with members ranging from 1-100. The starting price is $8 per person for each month progressing upwards. The team plan is the only plan that the 360Learning LMS has disclosed the pricing. The rest are only available upon request.

The features include:

  • Collaborative editing
  • Tools that enhance authoring
  • Gamification

Discussion forums


The prices for this plan are not indicated, nor are the number of users it can accommodate. However, the price is provided on request for a quotation. The business plan has all the features the team plan has.

Some of the additional features it has are:

  • Scale category for some groups
  • Roles of each user
  • Dashboards
  • Single sign-on
  • Email support


The enterprise plan contains all the team and business plan features. The prices are not indicated and the number of users the plan supports.

Extra features are:

  • Achievements
  • Allows attachments for deadlines and upvoting
Ease of Use

Using 360Learning, LMS is easy to use, and the technical support team is willing to help you through every difficulty. 360Learning LMS favors both the users and the administrators. Tracking the learner’s progress is easy because everything is digitized.

Customer Support

There is 24/7 customer help and support via https://support.360learning.com/hc/en-us/requests/new. The response time is 24 hours after your issue has been received. The support is always ready to listen to their customer’s needs and offer solutions that are within their reach. They host webinars and forums where the clients can express their issues and get responses.

24/7 Help & Support
24/7 Help & Support
360Learning has 24/7 support via their support ticket.
Live Online Chat
Live Online Chat
There is live chat support on 360Learning LMS.
Support tickets are opened with your registered email.
Video Tutorials
Video Tutorials
Video tutorials available on how to use software.
The blogs written are related to LMS.
Features & Functionality
General Features

When choosing an LMS system for your organization or institution, you need to consider features that will make your journey smooth. That will make your learning experience for the learners easy and interactive.

Some of the main features include:

Compatibility is high

360Learning LMS has powerful compatibility. It helps to work with other media and formats easy for an organization to use. The platform enables the systems used online to create other new courses because questions and answers from one course can be edited and used by another person. 360Learning offers templates that clients can use to create new creations through innovation.

Learner Engagement

Gamification has enabled 360Learning to increase the level of interaction among learners. It helps trainers to provide courses online that are interactive to the user. The strategy adopted by 360Learning applies human interaction as an aid resulting in innovation and collaborative interaction.


Another feature that places 360Learning on top of the game is its mobile friendliness. The trainers can track and analyze the online courses to get the statistics of those learners who understand the course and those who do not, despite the location. The learners can access learning materials to enhance their understanding of the course enrolled from their mobile devices anywhere and anytime.

Other features include:

  • Gamification
  • Content management
  • In-course feedback
  • Activity dashboard
  • Progress tracking
  • Learning Management
  • eCommerce Management
  • Learner Portal
  • Mobile App
  • SCORM Compliance
  • Course & Skill Tracking
  • Content Creation & Management
  • Gamification
  • Asynchronous Learning
  • Synchronous Learning
  • Customization
  • User management & Authentication
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Assignments
  • Test Builder
  • Survey Builder
  • Question Banks
Course Creation and Management
  • Course Builder
  • Course Catalog
  • Course Categories
  • Course Library
  • Learning Paths
Integrations and Add-ons

360Learning LMS integrates with many systems to ensure the platform runs smoothly for its clients. The integration is done depending on the specific goals and intentions.

Some of the integration includes:

  • Loom
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Coursera
  • Cornerstone
  • Zoom

Coursera offers courses to more than 200 institutions and organizations, which helps employees learn the latest market trend skills that help them have a competitive advantage. Integration of Coursera and 360Learning makes it easier for employees and interested persons to learn skills.

  • Calendars
  • 3rd-Party Integrations
  • Video Conferencing
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • eCommerce
  • Cloud-Based
  • Android
  • IOS
  • Mac
  • Windows

360Learning is a Learning Management Software that boasts easy course creation, which can take up to 17 minutes. It is beneficial for small/medium businesses, large enterprises, and public Administrations. It helps in tracking employees learning capabilities. The clients are also trained on using the platform and creating courses.
The platform introduced Collaborative Learning, which enables the clients to have minimal work because a hectic part has been handled. 360Learning enables the learners to interact with experts who understand your business better and learn from them.

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