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With an easy-to-use interface, TinkerCAD offers users the ability to create, design, and make 3D models, program, simulate and assemble electronics, and design with code. TinkerCAD is a free easy-to-use 3D CAD software provided by Autodesk for basically anybody.

Company: Autodesk

Autodesk, Inc. is a publicly traded software corporation that makes software products and services for various industries, including architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, education, and entertainment.

In-Depth Analysis

0 Overall
Price 4.5
Ease Of Use 4.0
Features 2.5
Support 3.5


  • Free CAD software
  • Easy-to-understand UI
  • Free lesson plan


  • Not available offline
  • Limited design capabilities

TinkerCAD Comparisons

Plans & Pricing

TinkerCAD is a free online app available to everyone. You can access this software by clicking on the “Start Tinkering” button on the TinkerCAD homepage and creating a free account.

Ease of Use

With a simple and easy-to-understand user interface, TinkerCAD is an easy-to-use CAD software, allowing users the luxury of working with their imagination. In other words, you can create whatever you can imagine with TinkerCAD. And with free lesson plans, this software is suitable for inexperienced designers.

Customer Support

TinkerCAD offers help in different forms, starting with its free lesson plan, FAQs, to other resources in the learning section, where inexperienced design enthusiasts can hone their skills. Also, this tool offers online support, where users can submit requests.

TinkerCAD offers email support.
Numerous video tutorials on their learn page.
Features & Functionality
Design Features

In addition to being a free CAD software, TinkerCAD makes it easy for users to create and design 3D models with its simple, easy-to-understand user interface that includes options like electronics and designing with code using code blocks.

This software serves as an introduction to Autodesk, as beginner designers can gain free access to TinkerCAD’s free lesson plan developed by CAD professionals and teachers in line with the ISTE, common core, and NGSS standards. Additionally, with features such as a controllable work plane and accurate scale sizes, users can create optimized designs, as they can review and enhance prototypes.

With TinkerCAD, you don’t need to worry about your device specifications; as long as you have an internet connection, you can access its full features. Finally, since it’s an online app, it saves your work on the cloud, making it easy for you to share and collaborate with team members.


This software allows users to create 2D drawings.


This software offers in-built 3D modeling capabilities.


TinkerCAD allows users to edit models within its user interface

  • Visualizing
  • Rendering
  • Drawing
  • Editing
  • Sequence Steps
  • Modeling
  • Dynamic Updating
Edit Features
  • File Import
  • Push/Pull
  • Views
  • Grips

Multi-userTinkerCAD allows users to save and share documents amongst team members.

  • Multi-User
  • File Import/Export
  • Annotate
  • Documentation
  • Data Extract
  • Fabrication
  • Reinforcement Tools
  • Clash Detection
  • Grading
  • Earthwork

The bottom line is that TinkerCAD is a great software for entry-level designers to hone their skills. With so many learning resources and video tutorials, inexperienced designers can start and grow with this software. Not only can you create anything in 3D, but TinkerCAD also shows you how you can 3D print your models and turn them into real-world products.

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