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Bill.com has everything that you need to automate these processes. No matter if you run a small business, a mid-sized enterprise or an accounting firm, Bill.com offers excellent solutions for your requirements.

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Bill.com is a cloud-based payments platform changing how businesses pay and get paid. It's a cloud-based, online business payments solution that facilitates fast, automates approvals, and secures ACH payments to cut time spent on tedious AP jobs by more than 50%.

In-Depth Analysis

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Price 4.0
Ease Of Use 4.5
Features 4.0
Support 4.5


  • Supports international payments and foreign currencies
  • Seamless integration with other financial products
  • Time saving and automated workflows
  • Effortless means of generating AP/AR reports


  • Customer support not available 24/7
  • Free trial is not entirely free

Bill.com Comparisons

Plans & Pricing

Similar to most other software for payment management, Bill.com has two main plans. One is the Business Plan, and the other is the Accountant Partner Program. The business plan of this software is ideal for business owners who want to have their AP/AR transactions automatically managed while they pay attention to growing their businesses. Under the business plan, you can choose from four unique packages according to your business needs. In increasing order of price and features, these packages are Essential, Team, Corporate and Enterprise. The Accountant plan is ideal for accounting firms looking to manage their receivables and payables.

1-month FREE trial
1-month FREE trial
1-month FREE trial
1-month FREE trial
1-month FREE trial


The Essential package is ideal for small businesses whose financial processes need some AI help. It costs only $39 monthly for each user. Under this basic package, you can only enjoy either account payable or accounts receivable operations.


This package is as basic as the Essential package but costs $49 per month because it supports integration with QuickBooks Online accounting software.


The corporate package will be advantageous to mid-sized businesses that can afford to pay $69 every month to digitally manage most of their financial operations. Unlike the basic packages, this package allows businesses to enjoy both accounts payable and accounts receivable services simultaneously. Discounted approver roles are also available in this package.


Finally, if you look to do away with manual procedures for your financial processes, the Enterprise package is ideal. In addition to the features of the Corporate plan, Bill.com’s Enterprise package has the following features:

  • Synchronization with accounting software like Oracle NetSuite, QuickBooks Enterprise, Sage Intacct and Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Single sign-on option.
  • Supports data entry from multiple sites
  • Third-party integrations with API Private support services
  • Dual administration.

You will need to contact Bill.com with your business specs to get the pricing for using this package.


This plan is designed for accountants who want to facilitate their clients’ payment schedules, automate their invoice entry, and unify their AP/AR operations. It comes at the cost of $49 per month, and accountants enjoy useful resources, mentoring and NASBA-accredited training. Bill.com also offers some financial services, apart from its basic features. These automatons come at their unique costs – regardless of the activated plan. Some of these include ACH payments priced at $0.49 per transfer, accounts payable data entry priced at $0.49 per entry and check mailing priced at $1.69 per mail.

Ease of Use

Bill.com is a cloud-based solution and does not need a prior installation of files before use. Being online also makes this platform relatively easy to use. Upon registration, you do not need any technical experience to set up this financial solution. All you need to do is to enter your business (and vendor) data, set up roles, and sync any other financial product you may have.

In case you find any process difficult to complete, there are demos on the product’s website. You can easily access any of these demos to aid setup.
There is nothing special about this product’s dashboard, as is it similar to those of most other solutions. When you log into the product, you find charts for your invoices, approvals and payments. Each chart shows you which item is open, due and overdue. Also, the activity menu is neatly laid out by the left corner of the dashboard. You can carry out different operations from international payments to payables, receivables, and reports from the menu.

Customer Support

Bill.com provides assistance to its subscribed users through the live chat from Monday to Friday between 5:00 am and 6:00 pm. Emails are typically responded to within 24 hours.

Live Online Chat
Live Online Chat
Live chat is provided only to subscribers
Bill.com can be reached out via live chat or emails
There is a detailed list of FAQs on Bill.com website
Features & Functionality
General Features

Like most other financial software, Bill.com has specific features that foster business transactions. They are:

• Accounts payable operations
• Accounts receivable operations
• Automated invoice capturing
• Vendor data management
• ACH and credit cards payments
• User-friendliness
• Foreign payment and foreign currency support
• Exclusive financial reports
• Document management


One impressive feature of Bill.com is that it is easy to use. It is also cloud-based and does not require any installations before use. You only need to access the internet to have Bill.com manage your financial operations for you. You can access it via its mobile application (for Apple and Android) or the latest versions of any internet browser.

Automated Invoice Capturing

Under accounts receivable, Bill.com makes invoicing operations extremely easy for businesses. On signing into your account, you’ll be greeted with all your invoices – sent, overdue and in progress. You also get three customizable invoice templates that can be automatically entered for you. And instead of going through the stress of scanning and mailing invoices all the time, this software automates invoice sending and receipt.

Foreign Payment and Foreign Currency Support

Most businesses widely patronize international transactions. It will make sense if an accounting software affords its users the convenience of making and receiving payments from their international partners or vendors. Fortunately, Bill.com supports international transactions and in multiple currencies too.

Vendor Data Management

Managing vendor data has been made relatively easier on this platform. Bill.com features an effortless vendor data entry process, making it easy to change and monitor transaction records with each of your vendors.

Bill.com’s Business Payment Network also allows businesses to look up and connect with vendors who use the software. Users can also send requests to vendors who are yet to sign up on Bill.com. And when those vendors eventually sign up, their details are automatically synced into the requesting user’s system.

  • General Ledger
  • Manages Accounts Payable/Receivable
  • Income & Expenses Tracking/Management
  • Account Reconciliations
  • Bookkeeping Services Integration
  • Financial Reporting
  • Receipt Scanning
  • Invoicing
  • Dashboards
  • Auditing
  • Inventory Tracking/Management
  • Pay Bills
  • Cloud-based
  • Collections
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-user Access
  • Manage Vendors/Contacts
  • Manage Purchase Orders
  • Bank and Credit Card Synchronization
  • Payroll Management
  • Convert Quotes to Invoices
  • Mobile App
Tax Preparation
  • Tax Compliance
  • Manage Tax Calculations/Reporting
  • Accountant-prep Friendly/Accessible
Time-Saving Automations
  • Automation of Invoices/Notifications
  • Suggests Transaction Matches
  • Purchase Order Automation

Unlike most low-budget software, Bill.com allows users to sync financial data from a wide range of other platforms like:

  • Sage Intacct
  • QuickBooks (Online, Pro, Premium and Enterprise)
  • Oracle NetSuite
  • Xero
  • Microsoft Dynamics

These integrations foster the synchronization of various transactions across all integrated platforms. Businesses can easily match orders and invoices and also make payments without delays. By supporting integration with other accounting and financial solutions, Bill.com also afford its users a convenient way to improve efficiency. These integrations also minimize data entry errors, making reconciliation less difficult.

  • Payment Processing
  • Payroll Processing
  • Project Management
  • Time tracking
  • Third-party Integrations
Supported Devices
  • Windows
  • Android
  • Linux
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-based
Pricing Model
  • Monthly Payment
  • One-Time Payment
  • Annual Subscription

Bill.com can be used to seamlessly manage your accounts payable and receivable. When it comes to access and ease of use, Bill.com is a product you shouldn’t ignore. Its interface is super intuitive, and you get to enjoy an eagle’s view on all your processes and transactions at a glance. The integrations supported on this product also make it a useful tool for businesses and wealth managers. In summary, if you need software that will automate most of your manual financial processes and foster your AP/AR operations, Bill.com is the way to go. However, small businesses may find it ‘not so great because its premium features come at a premium rate.

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Author: Murad Jaffery
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