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Constant Contact is designed to help small and growing businesses grow their email list. Supercharged with 200+ responsive email design templates, seamless automations, and A/B testing tools, over 600,000 marketers and small business owners use this tool to increase customer engagement and sales.

Company: Constant Contact, Inc.

Constant Contact is an online marketing company, providing email, social media, and event marketing tools for small and medium-sized businesses. Recently, they added SMS marketing to their growing group of products.  Founded in 1995 by Randy Parker, Constant Contact is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts. The company has been acquired twice in the past decade; in 2015 by Endurance International Group, and in 2021 by Clearlake Capital Group.

In-Depth Analysis

0 Overall
Price 4.5
Performance 5.0
Ease Of Use 5.0
Features 5.0
Support 5.0


  • High deliverability rate
  • Users can receive payments via email
  • Easy integration for social media marketing
  • Outstanding customer support


  • Account cancellation is difficult
  • Relatively high-priced tiers

Constant Contact Comparisons

Plans & Pricing

Constant Contact offers a free trial option. You can start using the software for free, no credit card details are needed. However, you have 60 days of a free trial. At the end of the trial, you will be required to upgrade to one of the two paid plans offered.

Each paid plan is tiered based on the number of email contacts as seen in the table below.

Contacts Core
0-500 $9.99/mo
501-2,500 $35/mo
2,501-5,000 $55/mo
5,001-10,000 $80/mo
10,001-15,000 $105/mo
15,001-20,000 $130/mo
20,001-25,000 $155/mo
25,001-30,000 $180/mo
30,001-35,000 $210/mo
35,001-40,000 $240/mo
40,001-45,000 $270/mo
45,001-50,000 $300/mo
50,000+ Call for custom quote


From $9.99
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 1GB image storage space
  • Real time reporting
  • Social media marketing
  • List segmentation
  • Signup forms
  • A/B testing
  • Landing page integrated
  • Event and marketing calendar
  • Polls
  • Professional mobile-friendly templates
From $45
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Everything in CORE
  • 2GB image storage space
  • Dynamic content
  • Google ads integration
  • Automated email behavior series
  • Abandoned cart reminder
  • Conversion and sales tracking
  • Auto-segmentation
  • Website builder (1 website only)



How effective should an email marketing tool be? Hard to tell. However, the goal is to ensure that email outreaches are delivered to recipients on time. Also, the ability to keep these outreaches out of the spam folder is equally crucial. So, focusing on deliverability and spamminess as performance criteria, Constant Contact showed impressive results from the tests conducted.


According to test results from MailGenius, Constant Contact campaigns have a 91% deliverability score. This means that over 91% of your contact will undeniably receive your emails whenever you send them out.

MailGenius deliverability test


Almost half of all email traffic (45.4%) goes to spam folders. You can draw your campaign closer to the inboxes of your target audience by using an email marketing tool with low spamminess.

After testing a campaign created on Constant Contact for spamminess, I recorded a 95% inbox delivery rate. However, the test tool recommends that troubleshooting a few broken links can help put me in the inbox of recipients 100% of the time.

Mail tester spamminness test


Constant Contact is an industry leading email marketing platform with over 200 mobile friendly email design templates and an interactive drag-and-drop editor for users to customize their emails. Also, the report and tracking makes it easy for users to wrap their fingers around the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Furthermore, the company has nudged marketing forward with its SMS marketing feature, which makes it easy for businesses to reach customers right on their cell phones –internet-connected or not.

Ease of Use

Constant Contact has some of the simplest use cases among email marketing tools. From setup to email tracking and reporting, and automations, you can easily take full control of your entire marketing process. Here’s what it feels like using the software.


All you need to set up your Constant Contact account is a functional email address and a few information about your business. This process barely takes a minute.

Audience building and segmenting

After setup, you have several ways to add new contacts to your mailing list. One of the easiest ways to start is by uploading a spreadsheet of contact information that you had previously. The software will identify and isolate the important information into fields for you to work with. The video below shows what it looks like when using an Excel spreadsheet to import contacts.

Drag-and-drop email editor

Constant Contact has a drag-and-drop editor for users to create mobile responsive email designs. The easiest way to go is to start with a template and customize it to fit your brand image using the drag-and-drop editor that is built into this software. The video below can help you catch a glimpse of how seamless designing an email can be.

Customer Support

Constant Contact prides itself in outstanding customer support with several channels for customers to reach out and seek expert guidance.

Here are the support options provided by Constant Support.

Email Support

You can find the Constant Contact email support by clicking the “contact us” link on the top navigation bar of your screen when logged in.

constant contact email support from dashboard

Although I emailed the support team outside their work hours, I received an automated response with a very clear timeline for when I will be hearing back from an expert. The email also includes recommendations for me to follow in case my issue is pressing. A pretty thoughtful auto-response, if you ask me.

Constant Contact Email response

CTCT Community

Contact Constant has a community forum for customers and technical experts to share their issues and receive solutions from other Constant Contact users and community moderators. Also, people make feature requests in the forum that the company deliberates and implements accordingly.

When an issue is raised in the community, a solution is often offered within 24 hours. Most of the viable solutions are provided by community moderators who are also members of the Constant Contact support team.

Live Chat

The Live Chat option on Constant Contact is available between 3am and 10pm on Mondays through Thursdays. On Fridays, you can reach support via live chat from 3am to 9pm.

When I reached out to the support team via Live Chat, I first had to go through the bot offering various generic recommendations to answer my query. However, I got connected to a real human within 2 minutes after pushing the bot aside.

The support specialist that connected with me over live chat was very responsive and empathetic. She paid close attention to my issues and offered very helpful solutions. It took less than 5 minutes of chat for us to find a fix.

Phone Support

Regardless of your country of residence, there is a phone number for you to contact when you need to speak to a representative of Constant Contact. You can reach the support by phone from Monday to Saturday.

phone support lines of constant contact

When I phoned the US line, all the support reps were occupied. So, I had to wait but not for long. After 2 minutes, I was connected with a support specialist. She was very eloquent and polite on the phone. After asking my question about directly importing contact from another email marketing provider, she offered a straightforward suggestion on how that could be done without the troubles of waiting for the other provider’s technical support team.

Professional Marketing Services

Marketing is a tough job and Constant Contact understands this. So, they provide professional advisory services to users that need them. This includes consulting and helps with the right marketing automations, audience building strategies, and so much more.

With these marketing services, some business owners can focus on running their businesses while Constant Contact professionals handle the entire email marketing for them. This can be liberating, especially for businesses with complex operational processes.


@ConstantContact on Twitter is an active channel for customers to catch up on product updates and get answers to pressing support issues. After reaching out to the team on Twitter to discuss the possibility of reaching international audiences with the SMS marketing feature, I received a clear response in about 2 hours. However, I’d like to add that my Twitter message was sent on a Sunday outside their work hours. Yet, I received a response.

Constant Contact twitter response

Guides and Tutorials

As far as email marketing goes, nobody goes from being a novice to pro in one try. Constant Contact has populated its website with insightful and visually enhanced guides and video tutorials to help users have a productive email marketing journey.
DIY email designs have always been fun. So, these guides and tutorials often come in handy when I’m trying to figure out my way around the various features offered by CTCT.

24/7 Help & Support
24/7 Help & Support
There is 24/7 support available to all users.
Phone Support
Phone Support
Live Online Chat
Live Online Chat
There is a live chat
There is an option for all users to email the support team.
Video Tutorials
Video Tutorials
There are a number of videos available on YouTube.
The FAQ covers basic and advanced software-related issues.
Blog available on the website.
Features & Functionality
General Features

Being an industry leading email marketing tool, Constant Contact offers a myriad of features but here are some that stand out.

Reporting and Analytics

Marketers and business owners can keep track of major metrics like open, delivery, and conversion rates, all in one place. Furthermore, they can monitor their ecommerce activities within the reporting and analytics section of Constant Contact in real-time.

This feature is crucial for users to monitor the progress of their campaigns, analyze their performance, and make relevant adjustments to improve results.

constant contact reporting analytics

A/B Testing

Constant Contact’s A/B testing feature allows you to segment your contacts, run a similar campaign among two segments, each with a different email subject line. With the A/B testing feature, businesses can figure out which subject line inspires the highest open rate. This is particularly important because an email campaign is of no use until the recipients open it to read its content.

SMS Marketing

Compared to SMS, consumers seldom open emails, especially those that are not so tech-savvy. Marketers can reach them via SMS instead of email and Constant Contact is one of the pioneers merging email and SMS marketing. At the moment, this feature is only available for US companies serving US-based customers. In the future, however, they may expand to other regions.

Mobile-friendly email design

Emails designed for desktop views can look distorted on mobile devices. And given that over 90% of all emails are accessed via mobile phones, there’s a need for businesses to optimize their campaigns for mobile. Using the drag-and-drop editor on Constant Contact, you don’t need to optimize separately for mobile interfaces. The templates and editor are responsive and would fit into all screen types and sizes. When working on email designs, the preview button will allow you toggle between the desktop and mobile interfaces to help you get a feel of the outlooks.

mobile friendly email design

Payment processing and eCommerce

Constant Contact integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce and Shopify, among other eCommerce solutions to help its customers sell products directly from their email campaigns. By reducing the number of steps down to a simple email open, this feature can help small businesses facilitate customer decisions to make a purchase. The impact of this reduction in decision drag can have a significant impact on a business’s bottom line.

eCommerce email integration

  • Unlimited Emails
  • Image Library
  • Drag-and-Drop Editor
  • Multiple Users
  • Gmail Import
  • Sign-Up Forms
  • Google Analytics
  • Email Lists
  • Segmenting
  • A/B Testing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Surveys
  • Bounce Management
  • Tracking Analytics
  • Automated Email Responses
  • Email Templates
  • Building Personalized Emails
  • Email & Mobile Preview
  • Flexible Design
  • Storage for Data & Images
  • Newsletter Templates

Constant Contact is an industry-leading email marketing software with remarkable features and above average performance reports. Having been in the industry since the advent of emails and internet marketing, they offer real experience that dates back to the inception of Amazon and Google.

Small and growing businesses could use the advantages that Constant Contact offers to avoid recipients’ spam folders, integrate active ecommerce features into email outreaches, send SMS campaigns, and track everything in one single dashboard.

Despite the restrictions on the number of contacts in each tier, email marketing has proven to have impressive ROI that can cover for the costs associated with a growing email list. It’s an impressive tool and well suited for online businesses that want to sell products and services via emails.

Grace Ogangwu
Author: Grace Ogangwu
Grace is a tech writer and ghostwriter with 6 years of experience working with international marketing agencies and disruptive B2B SaaS companies. She has an academic background in the English Language and Creative Writing. Grace is a lover of contemporary romance novels and prefers to design her own dresses.

Constant Contact User Reviews

Freddy J
51-200 employees
Used for: 6-12 months
20 Jan - 2021

It helps us make sales, what’s not to love?

We use constant contact to manage a magazine with 6,000 subscribers and multiple paid placements a month and to keep past customers engaged. It has done its job wonderfully.


- It offers local classes to help you get the most out of the software
- Huge email template library
- Library of graphics you can use as you please
- Chat and phone support

Daniel B
11-50 employees
Used for: Less than 6 months
20 Mar - 2021

Easy to use for small brands

There are tools that require entire teams to manage then there’s Constant Contact. The team got us set up and even reduced the price because we are a nonprofit. I am happy with the service.


It is easy to learn

Jessica R
11-50 employees
Used for: 6-12 months
11 Jan - 2021

Good for basic email marketing

We send out a weekly newsletter and do basic segmentation. For that, Constant contact is great but it’s not the best tool for automating your email marketing.


- It is easy to learn
- You can set up new campaigns quickly
- Many email templates that can be used at will


- The interface is dated and it seems to be catching up to competitors instead of innovating even though it is much older than most

Graeme L
11-50 employees
Used for: 2+ years
03 Mar - 2021

A simple and powerful email tool

This is a great tool for smaller organizations with relatively simple email marketing needs. For the areas it covers, it does them very well and the interface is easy to learn.

Christopher S
51-200 employees
Used for: 6-12 months
01 Apr - 2021

Love the segmentation

This is my third email marketing tool and it’s the only one I recommend when people ask me. The segmentation is top-notch and they have a few decent templates that aren’t flashy but will usually look good.


- One of the easiest segmentation features I have used
- The reporting gives us all information we need
- The ability to maintain unlimited lists