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Deel is a PEO platform that helps companies hire talents around the world. You can hire independent and full-time employees in over 150 countries through its tech-enabled self-serve platform. All these can be done in a few minutes with 100% compliance.

Company: Deel

Deel is a private payroll and compliance provider headquartered in San Francisco. The company provides hiring and payments services for companies hiring international employees and contractors. Using a tech-enabled self-serve process, Deel helps you hire independent contractors or full-time employees in over 150 countries, compliantly and in minutes. Today, Deel serves over 8,000 customers from SMBs to publicly traded companies.

In-Depth Analysis

0 Overall
Price 4.0
Ease Of Use 5.0
Features 5.0
Support 5.0


  • Access to top-notch customer support
  • Affordable for small and upcoming businesses
  • Advance features for early withdrawal
  • Simplified compliance


  • Technical errors may occur on the part of the employee
  • Limited functions

Deel Comparisons

Plans & Pricing

From reviews, Deel has one of the cheapest plans. One nice thing about Deel is that you can sign up and use the tools on the platform for free until you make your first employee payment.

If you’re a VC-backed startup with less than $10m in funding, you can get a 50% discount for your first year.



Deel charges $49 per contractor per month. This payment covers payroll and compliance for contracts in 150 countries.


The pricing for this plan starts from $500, and it allows you to employ workers on a full-time basis without the need to set up a legal entity in the region. With this plan, Deel takes charge of employee recruitment on your behalf.


Deel offers enterprise solutions for large businesses with custom pricing and exceptional functionalities. So if you are running a large business, Deel has got you covered.

Ease of Use

One unique comment from previous users about Deel is its ease of use. Deel offers several advanced features from which you can select the best options that are custom fit for your business. With unparalleled flexibility, Deel aids contractor management, payroll processing, compliance, IP protection, and several integrations to support any CRM and HRMS.

Customer Support

Deel PEO has one of the best customer support when compared against the industry standards. Its team of experts is very responsive. It offers an excellent 24/7 support service. So you can write at any time of the day and get a response almost instantly. The support team connects with customers via the following channels.

Live Online Chat
Live Online Chat
There is a live chat
There is an option for all users to email the support team.
The FAQ covers basic and advanced software-related issues.
Blog available on the website.
Features & Functionality
General Features

Deel is an outstanding PEO outfit with features that are in high demand for fast growing businesses. Some of the stand out features include:

Locally Complainant Contracts: A key feature of Deel that makes every business want to switch over to it is that it has a network of more than 200 local legal partners. With this number, you can forward contracts to team members’ jurisdictions with less stress.

One-click Payroll: With Deel, you can perform payments in bulk to all your team members. Once payments are made, your employees can get their money via bank transfers, Coinbase, or Revolut.

HR Support: Another key feature of Deel is HR support. With Deel, you’ll have access to HR tasks like workforce compliance, and management of paid time off. Deel makes the HR aspect of your business seamless. Whether you want to hire a new team member as a contractor or an employee, the team at Deel is ready to help you.

Tax Assistance: The PEO service offered by Deel has a payroll platform that helps companies file their tax. With Deel, you can file your tax document easily. It instantly generates your W9s and W8s for any US-based team members. In addition, you can file your contractors’ 1099s on a snap straight from your dashboard once it’s tax season.

Aggregated Invoice: Deel allows you to manage the invoices of your employee in just one portal. Meaning you can pay your employees worldwide from the same place with a snap.

  • Human Resource Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Employee Self Service
  • HR Reporting
  • Onboarding
  • Performance and Goals
  • Performance Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Recruiting / ATS
Human Resources
  • Employee History
  • Job Profiles & Administration
  • Benefits Information
  • Organizational Charting
  • Compliance Data
  • Report Builder
  • Pre-built Reports
  • New Hire Portal
  • Manager Tracking Tools
Payroll Management
  • Pay Calculation
  • Payroll History
  • Direct Deposit Files
  • Off-Cycle/On-Demand Payment
  • Benefit Plan Administration
  • Payroll Tracking & Auditing
  • Reimbursement Management
  • Salary Revision & Increment Management
Employee Self Service
  • Employee Login
  • Update Personal Information
  • Request Time Off
  • View Job History
  • Employee Recognition
Performance Management
  • Performance Plans
  • Performance Improvement Plans
  • Review Status Tracking
  • Review Reminders
Recruiting / ATS
  • Job Requisition Management
  • Company Website Posting
  • Publish to Social Media
  • Job Search Site Posting
  • Duplicate Candidate Prevention
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Notifications & Alerts

Are you looking to scale your business and have access to a pool of talents?

Deel is your go-to PEO platform. Subscribing to Deel will give access to HR support, talents, and compliance services without the need of having a local entity. With the initial free usage prior to making your first payment on the platform, you can determine if Deel is suitable for your business or not. No risks!

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Deel User Reviews

Brenda C
02-10 employees
Used for: 6-12 months
28 Feb - 2022

Best Global PEO Experience

My business pays its global team of contractors and employees easily and reliably using Deel. The contract covers all possible configurations (contractor, EOR, part-time, full-time, hourly, salaried, etc.). We have localized contracts to ensure compliance. Using this system, teams can be truly global without having to worry about payment logistics or legal compliance. Deel's best feature is its people - they are responsive, knowledgeable, and always available to help us with our team and Deel.

Andrea R
51-200 employees
Used for: 1-2 years
13 Mar - 2022

Essential for global teams

Being able to manage our global teams in one place is a game changer. We are so impressed by the simple and easy to use features of Deel.


Localised contracts make it easy to follow compliance laws around the globe.


Can take a while to reach someone from customer service.

Jamie L
11-50 employees
Used for: 6-12 months
20 Mar - 2022

Great service but room for improvement

Hassle-free way of managing a global team.


The software can be pretty rigid and sometimes has trouble editting team members once they are in the system.

Donald L
11-50 employees
Used for: 6-12 months
26 Mar - 2022

Constantly improving

We had a lot of issues with Deel when we started using them and noticed a few small mistakes however they were quickly solved.


Great to not have to worry about Payroll in-house.


Not all features are fully optimized. The customer service team are responsive but can sometimes take a while to fix mistakes.