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Perimeter 81 provides businesses with easy and secure access to local network resources, business applications, and cloud environments, with a highly intuitive and seamless SaaS solution.

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Perimeter 81 is an Israeli cloud and network security company that develops zero-trust remote networks for organizations. With its technology, VPNs and firewalls can be replaced. With its Cybersecurity Experience (CSX) Platform, Perimeter 81 radically simplifies cybersecurity. Through Perimeter 81, organizations of all sizes can support the immediate desires of the nomads while still enabling IT teams to manage it all safely.

In-Depth Analysis

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Price 4.5
Ease Of Use 4.5
Features 3.5
Support 4.5


  • Seamless onboarding and high scalability
  • Reduced costs
  • Great network visibility
  • Integrates with Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure


  • Don’t support google authentication
  • Per-user and per gateway pricing

Perimeter 81 Comparisons

Plans & Pricing

Perimeter 81 offers four different price plans and each of them is commitment-free and has a 30-day money-back guarantee. The company offers a 20% discount on each plan for annual billing

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Premium Plus
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


The essentials plan includes all the basics you need to manage and secure your network. This plan starts at $8 per month/user. In addition, $40 is added per month and per gateway. The plan is available for a minimum of 5 users.


Offering to a minimum of 10 users, the premium price plan provides you with advanced network security management features for your business. The premium plan starts at $12 per user/month. Besides, $40 is added per month and per gateway.

Premium Plus

Premium Plus is the most popular plan that offers multilayered security. You will pay $16 per user/month and $40 per month/gateway. This plan is for a larger organization that has a minimum of 20 users.


This price plan is for the biggest enterprises that have a minimum of 50 users. The company doesn’t fix any prices for this plan. Instead, you need to connect with them to buy an enterprise plan.

Ease of Use

Perimeter 81 is available for various platforms, including Windows, iOS, Android, Mac OS, and Linux. All the applications are very easy to use and customizable. The network access and security with Perimeters 81 is very simple and easy. You don’t need hours to set up your tool. Instead, you can deploy this remote desktop solution in minutes. Instantly install secure cloud gateways, create multi-regional networks, and deploy client application programs with a single click interface. Also, there are no manual and annoying configurations.

Customer Support

Perimeter 81’s website is very informative and offers comprehensive guide sections. If you face technical issues, the website would provide you with answers to all the common questions and has a troubleshooting facility. Other customer support services are described below:

24/7 Help & Support
24/7 Help & Support
Perimeter 81 offers 24/7 live chat.
Live Online Chat
Live Online Chat
The live agent is available at any time to resolve your issues.
Contact - support@perimeter81.com for queries
Video Tutorials
Video Tutorials
Perimeter 81 offers video tutorials on a variety of subjects.
The official website includes a FAQ section
Features & Functionality
General Features

Perimeter 81’s cloud-based RDP solution offers interesting features that fulfill the needs of modern industries. The following sections delve into more details.

Multilayered Security

Perimeter 81 allows you to access remote desktop systems with built-in VPN encryption from SSL, WireGuard, and IPSec. To prevent cyber-attacks, this remote desktop software solution offers automatic WiFi security, Multifactor Authentication (MFA), single sign-on, and DNS filtering.

IP Whitelisting

With IP whitelisting, only defined IP addresses are permitted to access the network. You can also allocate static IP addresses to automatically trusted sources of the traffic. This will ensure the robust security of your network.

Custom Access

Perimeter 81’s RDP solution incorporates a software-defined perimeter whereby employees can access only the network resources that are required for their individual roles. Doing so can reduce the impact of their security habits.

Cloud-Agnostic Integration

Perimeters 81’s RDP solution can integrate with your virtual office, whether it is cloud-based or local. The integration allows you to protect all of your resources in a unified fashion.

BYOD Policies

The RDP solution is a part of the Perimeters 81’s Network as a Service (NaaS) platform. The NaaS endpoint security ensures that only the authorized devices are connected to your virtual desktops. So, the disallowed Bring-Your-Own-Devices (BYOD) cannot connect with your corporate network.

  • Analytics/Reporting
  • Device Enrollment
  • Device Management
  • File Sharing
  • Image Editor
  • Remote Wipe
  • Screen Capture
  • Screen Record
  • Scrolling Capture
  • Text Extraction
  • Video Capture
  • Diagnostics
  • File Sharing
  • Integrations
  • Remote Printing
  • Remote Reboot
  • Session Recording
  • Session Transfer
  • Unattended Access
  • Usage Information
  • Applications Management
  • Cross-Platform Access
  • Mobile Device Access
  • Remote Device Control
  • Screen Annotations
  • Text Chat
  • Video Conference Call
  • VoIP
Software Types
  • Browser Application
  • Cloud-Based
  • Desktop Application
  • Mobile

Perimeter 81 provides individuals and companies the peace of mind they deserve. The platform is certified SOC 2 Type 2. Moreover, it is compliant with ISO 27001, CCPA, HIPAA, and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This tool provides seamless high scalability and onboarding whereby you can easily expand your corporate network with a scalable platform and on-premise deployments or convenient cloud. With least-privilege access policies based on device, location, role, and identity, only the authorized workers are granted access to the company’s resources they need. Since the product is offering remarkable features, there is no reason not to buy it.

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