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Using ServiceNow, organizations can work faster, better, and smarter. DevOps, IT asset management are among the products offered. You won't be left behind when it comes to security operations, along with plans that will fit your budget. For IT management, ServiceNow would be a great choice.

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ServiceNow is a platform founded by Fred Luddy, in 2004. The main vision was to build a cloud-based platform that would enable regular people to route work effectively through the enterprise. In 2021, the company was named one of the world's most admired companies by fortune magazines. ServiceNow; a Website-as-a-Service provider, is one of the most popular IT service management platforms in the market. It renders technical management solutions such as customer experience, technology excellence, employee experience as well as operating excellence to IT operations of large corporations.

In-Depth Analysis

0 Overall
Price 4.0
Ease Of Use 4.0
Features 5.0
Support 5.0


  • Demo Account
  • Intuitive User interface
  • Ease of ticket tracking
  • Ease of Customization


  • High cost of products
  • Tasks include many subtasks which could be easily missed
  • The navigation panel isn't easy to understand
  • Difficulty in adding configuration items (CIs) without administration assistance

ServiceNow Comparisons

Plans & Pricing

ServiceNow offers a 15-day free trial tagged a ‘demo account’ which allows you to explore all of the platforms features, products, resources, and support, after which you can now proceed to a real account.

If you’ve been following this review closely, you’ll find out that the pricing of the platform isn’t all that pocket-friendly. However, on average; judging from customer reviews, it scores a 4-star out of 5 in the “value for money” section.

Pricing details

On the ServiceNow website, the pricing of each software isn’t openly stated as seen on other sites, while there’s indeed no fixed price per software, you’re given the flexibility to get a custom quote, which is tailored based on the details you provide. ServiceNow negotiates price on a case-by-case basis, and afterwards, They make you sign a sort of NDA on that.

When compared to similar platforms, ServiceNow is at a pretty higher price. Overall, ServiceNow is a fantastic deal, given the number of features it packs into its platform.

Ease of Use

ServiceNow platform is very easy to use and learn about inside tools, very nice environment, useful tools, good management, it is well trusted, very well laid out, visually appealing, and intuitive for end-users.
Setting up a tool as an administrator isn’t what I’ll call easy though, especially if you’re not familiar with IT management, but with a little technical assistance, setting up tools could be as easy as pie.
Day to day tasks on this platform are fluid, the platform ignites productivity, delivers Ai-powered self-service for comment requests, connects Virtual agents to package integrated solutions for password reset, client software distribution, and so on.
Navigating the platform isn’t a big deal, as it offers an easy-to-use interface, absolutely anyone would be able to find whatever it is they’re looking for, assign, and carry out tasks, and so on.

Customer Support

ServiceNow offers 24/7 technical support for all users. Customer support, otherwise referred to by the platform as “Now Support” is fairly responsive.
You’re able to access supper from the platform, but before that, a “Library of solutions” which contains various helpful documents under Trending topics, Recent Known errors, and solutions for common issues.
Currently, there are two available patches, the “San Diego patch 2” and “Rome patch 8 Hot fix 1”.
ServiceNow offers the opportunity to collaborate with experts in the field to solve problems and discuss ideas, all of which are available in the ‘Now community’.
Amongst the various support gateways are:
1.ServiceNow developer site, which provides you with resources to learn, build, and deploy apps.
2.A’Now support YouTube channel’, the official channel for learning and troubleshooting.
3.Now Support LinkedIn, and
4.Now Support Twitter, socials for getting the latest updates on the Now support experience, tools, technology, and experience.
An on-the-go support application is readily available for download and has an intuitive interface.

24/7 Help & Support
24/7 Help & Support
24/7 Virtual Assistant is available right on the webpage.
Live Online Chat
Live Online Chat
There is a live chat
There is an option for all users to email the support team.
Video Tutorials
Video Tutorials
There are a number of videos available on YouTube.
The FAQ covers basic and advanced software-related issues.
Blog available on the website.
Features & Functionality
General Features

ServiceNow offers a total of 66 features, carefully arranged under 7 categories.

These features include:

Mobile Applications

The mobile application has been updated with exciting new features that help both administrators and end-users. The AI-powered advanced search makes searching more efficient by correcting auto-complete query search and auto-correcting errors. The customizing dashboard card provides a graphical user interface that allows the user to complete the card’s task, add items to the card, build a contact list, and reject or accept suggestions. By developing an organized workflow, the flow variable feature aids in the solution of higher-dimensional data. It also aids in the development of sophisticated rollups and logic to give numerous dimensions of data, as well as the matching of appropriate business logic without the use of bespoke actions.

Security Management

The user can integrate with current security programs using performance analytics. It enables the user to respond quickly to duties and emergencies without jeopardizing the company’s operations. It improves the security tool’s efficacy and sensitivity. Because the management hierarchy is involved in a streamlined manner, it only offers the accurate version of the truth. The SLA, impact, and priority of the issue are all specified on the ticket so that the user is never idle and works on it as soon as possible to resolve it. It lowers the cost of IT service monitoring by 60%. With an incorporated questionnaire, chart, and graphical representations, the intelligent workflow replaces unattended services and allows the user to work smarter. Collaborative workplaces have taken the place of spreadsheets and email.

Operations IT

The event management and log analytics coupled will automatically detect and foresee the issue, allowing it to be avoided. It organizes and automates IT faults before they have a negative impact on the business. Even your company’s client benefits from ServiceNow because there will be no delays in task fulfillment and he will receive daily updates on his difficulties. Correlation, prioritizing, and a high level of data analysis proficiency necessitate immediate attention and workflow structure to alleviate the challenges. IT business is an analytic portfolio that allows the user to concentrate on areas that demand special attention and speed up the process of creating value.

IT Service Management

The productivity agent is maintained and managed by the ITSM workforce optimization from the unit site. For team managers, ServiceNow’s planning flow is substantially more efficient. Based on past data, the HR department estimates demand. It assists staff in managing events and shifts, as well as aiding work-life balance. As a result, help will be provided as agreed with the firm, and employees will be free of stress.


ServiceNow provides an integration hub that gives the capability to connect to critical business systems through integration hub spokes.

Integration Hub spokes connect ServiceNow workflows with your preferred systems in a short period, giving you the flexibility to move work powerfully across the enterprise.

With over a hundred and eighty integrations available, you’re sure to have no limitations on ServiceNow. Supported business systems include; Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle, Okta, Jira, Docusign, and Workday.

  • Asset Discovery and Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Incident and Problem Management
  • Self-Service Support Desk
  • Knowledge Management
  • Request Management
  • Metrics & Analytics
  • BI & Reporting
  • Multi-Cloud Support
  • Automated Workflows
  • DevOps Integration
  • Dashboards and Reports
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Native Mobile App
  • Single System of Record
  • Virtual Agent
Incident Management
  • Major Incident Management
  • Single-Pane Agent View
  • AI-Powered Insight
  • Omni-Channel Notifications
  • Visual Task Boards
  • Guided Setup
Problem Management
  • Contextual Knowledge
  • Automated Notifications
  • Remediation Plans
  • Real-Time Analytics
Change Management
  • Multimodal Change
  • Change Success Score
  • Change Approval Policies
  • Risk Intelligence
  • Built-In Risk Assessment and Calculation
Request Management
  • Chatbot-Embedded Portals
  • Service Catalog Builder
  • Embedded Experiences
  • Graphical Workflow
  • Two-Way Notifications
  • Quick & Easy Approvals
  • Report Designer
  • Report Administration
  • Natural Language Query
  • Dashboards

In summary, it’s a good learning platform, a wonderful IT management software, capable of handling virtually every Management need of yours. I also came to know various things that are present and which are available to use so I can say I had a good experience with the tool.
The interface is user-friendly and one can easily adapt to it and also every option is provided and the flow is also maintained so the data is not lost when reverted.
ServiceNow is a very good software and can handle your daily Change ticket system. It is easy to use and very well organized.

Walter Washington
Author: Walter Washington
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