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SimpleSite website builder is a minimalistic, no-code, easy-to-use website builder with an interactive user interface that makes building a functional website seamlessly. Its broad eCommerce integrations allow small businesses to sell products and process payments in real-time without a hitch.

Company: SimpleSite, LLC.

SimpleSite is an easy-to-use website builder that allows users without technical backgrounds to create a fully-functioning website in a few simple steps. Known for its simplicity, SimpleSite serves more than 21 million users around the world.

Established in 2003 by two brothers –Morten and Jacob Elk– and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, the company has closed over $2 million in funding. Now, it reports that over 400,000 websites are built and launched on the platform every month.

In-Depth Analysis

0 Overall
Price 4.0
Performance 3.5
Ease Of Use 3.5
Features 4.0
Support 3.5


  • Mobile responsive website builder
  • Interactive in-app guide for beginners
  • All encompassing free plan
  • Bundled up professional email services


  • Highly limited support options
  • Very low design freedom
  • No third-party app integration

SimpleSite Comparisons

Plans & Pricing

SimpleSite allows you to sell your products online even with the Free Plan. However, there is a limit to the products you can sell on the Free plan. So, if you are a brand with fewer than 5 products to sell, you can consider using the Free plan to see how things go.

The paid plans, Pro and E-commerce, cost a decent fee and offer considerably more features than the Free plan. For one, you can sell unlimited products and process unlimited payments on the E-commerce plan.

The Pro plan, on the other hand, places a limit to the number of products that you can sell but this limit is significantly higher than the Free plan. Also, you can set up a custom domain for your website if you are using a paid plan.

The email service is a perk that both paid plans offer. With both Pro and E-commerce plans, you can have up to 5 custom email addresses to make your business look professional. And all these, are very well worth the price in my very honest opinion.

30-Day Free Trial
14-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free custom domain
  • No ads
  • Unlimited website pages
  • Unlimited images
  • Unlimited video minutes
  • 5 online products for eCommerce store
  • Mobile-optimized website
  • 5 professional email addresses
30-Day Free Trial
14-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Everything in the Pro Plan
  • Unlimited online store products

Regardless of how excited you are about creating a website for your business, your utmost concern should run along with website performance after its published. Among many, your website’s performance is a very important factor to both potential customers and search engines. After building my website on SimpleSite, I observed below decent results in the performance tests conducted.

Site and Page Speed

Seamless user experience is a product of superb site and page load speeds. With a good user experience comes increased conversion, higher engagement, more revenue, and a good search engine rating.

After building a pretty simple website that’s supposed to be lightweight, and measuring its performance, I got an overall performance score of 56/100. The site speed index measured at 4.7s. This falls below the 5-second benchmark in several industries.  However, it could be better considering that my website pages had very simple elements, weighing only a few kilobytes.

Also, the largest content took a significantly longer time to load completely at 8.2 seconds. This means that a visitor will have to wait that long to fully interact with my website.

Not very impressive numbers. However, there are ways that you can improve your site’s speed and performance. Sadly, SimpleSite doesn’t have a resource deposit to help users figure that out.

SimpleSite Site & Page Speed performance

Website Uptime

The SimpleSite’s technical team works relentlessly to keep their servers up and active 99.98% of the time. This way, more than 21 million users can have their websites accessible to visitors and search engines around the clock (approximately).

So, despite the could-be-better performance of SimpleSite-powered websites, users can rest assured that their websites won’t be experiencing downtimes at any moment.


SimpleSite is designed with minimalism at its core and over 21 million users have embraced this “less is better” design. A user-friendly interface, zero clog, and unlimited product listing, SimpleSite offers small business owners with no technical background the opportunity for digital relevance.

Ease of Use

One of the significant factors you will consider when choosing a website builder is how easily you can use it. You don’t want to get muddled up with complicated processes and cumbersome interfaces.

SimpleSite, being minimalistic at its core, makes it easy to use to build a website from scratch. My experience using this product from setup to publishing was quite a breeze and here’s what it looks like.


Getting started is just like every other platform nowadays. You need an email and password, of course. However, setting up after signing up can be a multi-stage process for most website builders. With SimpleSite, the setup is a smooth, interactive, and straightforward process.

You can get fully set up in less than 15 seconds. While trying to make your way around the platform, you’ll find tiny guides and brief instructions designed to help you understand what you’re really doing.

Once done, you’ll find yourself redirected to the editor straight away. There, you can start building your next awesome website.


Designing on SimpleSite is a hands-off experience. Right from the setup, as seen in the video above, the in-app guide helps you build a really simple to use website in one go. Thereafter, you are free to start optimizing it however you like to suite your brand needs.

SimpleSite understands the relevance of pictures and visuals to a website, so they partnered with Pixabay to serve users royalty-free stock images that they can add to their website as they create it. This video here shows just how it works.

Text Styling

After following the setup guides provided in the interactive onboarding process, you can start editing on your own accord. Here, you’d enjoy the liberty to add and style content as you see fit, including texts.
You can add new texts to your website by simply clicking the “+ Content” button on the top left corner of the editor and choosing “Text”.

SimpleSite Text styling use case

Then, a window will show up for you to add and style your text however you want. However, compared with industry-leading builders, there are limits to what you can do with this text styling feature. You can change text color, font size, weight, indentation, and orientation. That’s pretty much all.

SimpleSite Text design use case

Form Customization

Forms are crucial. Else, how would you process orders and collect customer information? SimpleSite lets you add forms to your website with ease.
All you have to do is select “Contact Form” from the list of content that can be added to the website. You will be presented with a form setup window for you to add fields and form actions.

SimpleSite form customization use case

Interestingly, you can further customize the form after you’ve added it to the website. By hovering over the form right there in the editor, the “Settings” option will become evident.

SimpleSite form customization content group

Selected, a window pops up for you to make the changes that you need. Currently, there is very little customization available for users. So, all you can pretty much do is set the background, width, and alignment of the form.

SimpleSite Form customization group settings

Button Designing

There are buttons on SimpleSite. Yes, it allows you to add buttons to your website banner but you can’t really put out buttons however you want. Regarding the option of designing the buttons to fit your brand, oh no! That’s far-fetched at this time. But I’m pretty confident that the company is working on improving the product.

App Integration

It’s time to brace for impact because this might hit you hard. SimpleSite doesn’t allow you to integrate third-party applications on your website. It would have been awesome should they let it, given that they have limited features available to business owners.

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, SimpleSite has far more limited options than other website builders. For now, it offers only email support, FAQs, and some in-app tutorial guides.
Regardless of the limited options, the support offered to customers is somewhat inefficient. The company promises to get back to users within 48 hours of an email query. Industry-standard response times are only several minutes to a couple of hours. A 48-hour promise doesn’t exactly cut it. I tried them out nonetheless and my experience goes thus.


SimpleSite FAQ Page

The SimpleSite customer service page is partially dedicated to answering FAQs. With questions categorized into general issues and payment-related concerns, users can easily find answers to their pertinent questions.

Despite the non-versatile support channels available on this platform, answers to the FAQs are elaborate and may compensate for the absence of a blog page.

Email Support

In-app Setup Guides

To compensate for their current lack of standby technical support, SimpleSite loaded up the website editor with introductory setup guides. These guides come in handy when you’re using the software for the first time.

With every new feature, functionality, or integration that you try out within the editor, a technical guide shows up to walk you through the tool that you are trying to use.

Also, on first time use, the in-app guide gives you a tour around the editor to show you the function of each icon and how to find them with ease.

You can always skip these pop-ups and just wing the creation process, but it will be really helpful to take a look at them from the onset.

24/7 Help & Support
24/7 Help & Support
There is 24/7 support available to all users.
The FAQ covers basic and advanced software-related issues.
Features & Functionality

As the name implies, building with SimpleSite is quite simple. Despite the lack of third-party app integrations, SimpleSite does present a load of features and functionalities that every simple-website-seeking business owner would really enjoy.

Mobile Responsiveness

SimpleSite Mobile responsiveness

On most website builder, as you build your website for desktop interfaces, you will be required to manually optimize for mobile and tablet interfaces. With SimpleSite, the case is different. You can strictly focus your website design on the desktop interface and the software will automatically optimize everything you’re building for both mobile and tablet devices.

To confirm this, you can use the “Preview option on the top left corner of the editor to choose one of the three interfaces.


SimpleSite offer eCommerce store integration to all its users, including those on the Free plan. This is called the WebShop. Not a lot of competitors offer this much-needed feature to non-paying users.

With the free plan, you can upload and sell up to 5 products. To get started, you can click “Pages” on the top left corner of the editor and select “Create Page” at the bottom of the left pane.

simplesite create page use case

The next pane that appears, presents a few prebuilt page templates as well as an option to start building from a blank page. Simply select the “Webshop” and you can start adding your products.

Professional Email Addresses

Sending emails with a generic address extension (e.g. @gmail.com) doesn’t look professional at all. Billions of people have a Gmail account or two. Even for those using the Free Plan, SimpleSite allows you to create up to 5 professional email addresses to make your business appear authentic. You will be required to register a domain name for your business before you can set up professional emails. No issue, nonetheless, since SimpleSite offers you a deal to register your next domain for a fee of just $1.

Searchable Pixabay Photo Library

Imageries are tools for engaging website visitors. SimpleSite partnered with Pixabay, a royalty-free stock photo platform, to provide thousands of pictures to its users for free.

By choosing to add an image to your website, SimpleSite presents a search bar for you to find any picture you need from the Pixabay database, and add it directly to your website.

These images are automatically optimized for your website with ALT texts and appropriate titles that are aligned with the keywords inputted into the search bar.

Social Media Sharing

When using SimpleSite, you don’t need a third-party social sharing integration to connect with your community on social media. This website builder comes with an in-built social sharing button, embedded into every website, and visible on every page. With this, your visitors can easily share your web pages with their social network and help you grow your brand with ease.

  • 100+ Templates
  • Add HTML Code
  • Blog Templates
  • Portfolio
  • Drag & Drop Editor
  • Multi-lingual Website
  • Fully Customized
  • Mobile-friendly
  • SEO Tools
  • Social Media Integration
  • Widgets + Apps
  • Newsletter Tool
  • Monetization
  • Visitor statistics
  • Multiple Sites
  • Free Custom Domain
  • Unlimited Space
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free Stock Photos
  • Video Plug-Ins
  • Audio Plug-Ins
Good For
  • Blogging
  • Online Stores
  • Automatic Website Building

Some businesses require sophisticated websites while others can do just well with a simple landing page. If you run a business that needs graphics-intensive, dynamic websites, there are several website builders to choose from, but SimpleSite isn’t exactly a tip-top recommendation.

On the other hand, however, you can build a simple website and sell products easily with SimpleSite. If you are skeptical or low on finances, you can jump in on the Free plan to sell as many units of any 5 products as possible. With this, you can raise some funds to upgrade to a paid plan. Nevertheless, you have 30 days to make this work.

Despite its shortcomings, though, SimpleSite is a great builder. It’s hitch-free and very intuitive. But a lot more can be done by the developers to offer users more creative freedom. I understand that it’s minimalistic, but there’s a difference between dieting and starvation.

Augustine Ojeh
Author: Augustine Ojeh
Augustine is a freelance writer with a focus on organizational productivity; diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI); marketing and sales; and startup ecosystems in developing economies. He plays 8-Ball Pool when stressed and Chess when anxious.

SimpleSite User Reviews

Derrick A
11-50 employees
Used for: 6-12 months
20 Mar - 2021

Inexpensive domains & a free website

- It only takes a few minutes to register and choose the main layout of your website - The eCommerce tools are simple but get the job done if you only have a few products

Leo J
11-50 employees
Used for: 1-2 years
14 Feb - 2021

The basics done right

SimpleSite isn’t for you if you want a lot of bells and whistles or pixel-perfect design. It is meant for people who do not want to deal with too many options and endless screens before getting their website online. For that, it is a perfect choice and wh


With a few clicks I was registered and almost done setting up my website

Michael P
11-50 employees
Used for: 6-12 months
08 Apr - 2021

The name says it all

I have seen many website builders that claim to be simple. Some tried and almost made it and some failed horribly. None have come close to the simplicity of SimpleSite.


- There’s absolutely nothing complicated about this software
- Very user friendly
- Just enough features to get my website online

Molly W
11-50 employees
Used for: 6-12 months
14 Jan - 2021

I’ll pass

For me, SimpleSite was that example of what I want to avoid in the next website builder I choose. When it was time to leave, I could not point my domain to another service because they don’t seem to control it.

Louis K
11-50 employees
Used for: 1-2 years
13 Mar - 2021

It’s great for me

This isn’t my first web hosting software. The first two took a lot of learning before deciding they were not for me. I was able to figure out SimpleSite immediately and I have not looked back.


- Easiest web host I have used
- Excellent customer service


it feels too simple