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Tipalti helps move accounting processes from manual to automation. Save time with its end-to-end AP system, streamlined supplier management, simple global payments, touchless invoicing processes, and payment reconciliation.

Company: Tipalti

Tipalti is an accounting and financial technology business that provides accounts payable, procurement, and global payments automation software for businesses. Its technology is trusted by over 2000 users worldwide.

In-Depth Analysis

0 Overall
Price 3.5
Ease Of Use 4.0
Features 4.0
Support 4.5


  • Substantial number of currencies supported
  • Easy batch payments
  • Streamlined invoice management
  • Responsive customer service


  • Slow, sometimes unreliable verification process
  • Can take a long time to discover all the complex features
  • Tipalti offers No live chat support

Tipalti Comparisons

Plans & Pricing

Tipalti doesn’t publicize pricing because it tailors its service packages to each business it works with, and pricing is also based on the transactions you process. However, it does offer a demo so you can  see the platform in action before you invest in Tipalti’s software.

Ease of Use

Tipalti’s intuitive to use — despite packing in various features — helping small businesses catch up and keep up on their accounting with ease. The demo Tipalti offers further clears up any extra details that may confuse new users.

Customer Support

Tipalti has a lot of support available. Customer support isn’t available 24/7, but Tipalti is known for being responsive to customer issues. Plus, you can access Tipalti’s myriad of helpful resources.

Additional customer support:
Downloadable Guides
Tipality offers several downloadable guides on accounts payable/accounts receivable issues.

Tipalti’s Business Finance Friends podcast doesn’t offer Tipalti-specific advice, but it covers general news and content in accounting & finance.

Phone Support
Phone Support
Available during regular business hours
Contact Tipalti directly by email or fill out its contact form
Video Tutorials
Video Tutorials
Only available on YouTube
Several categories of FAQs on its FAQ page
Features & Functionality
General Features
Regulatory and Tax Compliance

Tipalti was created partially to assist with paying people across borders. Consequently, it has built-in compliance for paying employees, merchants, or contractors in many different countries.

By integrating with the supplier portal, Tipalti lets suppliers fill out any W8 or W9 forms before you pay them. Tipalti calculates and withholds all taxes automatically, and will calculate 1042-s and 1099 tax forms with ease. Plus, Tipalti has Taxpayer Identification Number matching.

Additionally, Tipalti handles cross-border fraud screening for payments you send out. It’ll scan your payment against the Office of Foreign Asset Control and Specially Designated Nationals for red flags.

Invoice Management

You can scan invoices and receipts directly from an email or upload it manually, and Tipalti will pre-populate the appropriate fields based on the document. It’ll also send notifications to anyone that needs to know.

Tipalti can also automatically batch invoices for payment, reconcile supplier payments, perform PO matching, and more.

Global Supplier Management

Tipalti’s global payments system has a global reach, supporting 190 countries, 120 currencies, and six payment methods. 

Automation of payments is one of Tipalti’s key strengths. You can upload all payment files to one screen in Tipalti and remit all payments to their respective suppliers without using separate bank portals. Tipalti then reconciles this payment data and sends it over to your ERP system.

Tipalti also leverages machine learning to automate supplier code matching over time. Once you match a code to a supplier, Tipalti will begin doing it without your assistance.

  • General Ledger
  • Bookkeeping
  • Manages Accounts Payable/Receivable
  • Income & Expenses Tracking/Management
  • Account Reconciliations
  • Financial Reporting
  • Receipt Scanning
  • Invoicing
Track Expenses
  • Record Expenses
  • Record Mileage
  • Generate Invoices
  • Recurring Expenses
Tax Preparation
  • Tax Compliance
  • Manage Tax Calculations/Reporting
  • Accountant-Prep Friendly
Time-Saving Automations
  • Automation of Invoices/Notifications
  • Suggests Transaction Matches
  • Purchase Order Automation

Tipalti itself doesn’t have any add-ons since you get to customize your package. However, it’s partnered with several software companies and other services to offer easier account management.

There are a few in particular worth noting.


Cake offers multiple solutions to help both advertisers and publishers manage and track campaigns to boost revenues. You can easily create and link accounts using Cake, then offer affiliates their own dashboards and send off payments with a couple of clicks.

Tipalti’s API

Tipalti offers an API so you can develop custom solutions that best fit your business and streamline your accounting procedures. Few other accounting software products provide an API.

  • Payment Processing
  • Payroll Processing
  • Project Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Third-Party Integrations
Supported Devices
  • Windows
  • Android
  • Linux
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-Based

Tipalti isn’t a full bookkeeping software program. However, it offers an excellent supplement to your current software — especially if you have to pay people around the globe.

It supports hundreds of countries and currencies. Yet accounts payable automation and compliance features make sending payments to these countries in their local currencies easy.

But Tipalti further streamlines your accounting with easy invoice and receipt scanning, purchase order management, and more.

With top-quality customer service, you can solve most issues you’ll come across using the software. And thanks to several integrations and an API, you can further customize the platform to your business.

If you’re looking for a software program that cuts down on time you spend sending payments and tracking invoices, Tipalti might be for you.

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Author: Bradley Schnitzer
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Tipalti User Reviews

Gerry H
11-50 employees
Used for: 6-12 months
12 Jan - 2021

Easy to set up even if you have little computer knowledge

Our payout setup is quite complex and took up to 5 days each month to do. After we signed up for Tipalti, we've reduced that to 1 day. Payout accuracy and timeliness have also significantly improved.

Darryl J
11-50 employees
Used for: 6-12 months
02 Apr - 2021

Just a much better software than what we had

Our finance department works with Tipalti a lot, and it’s used across the entire organization. The implementation has been extremely helpful in dealing with payouts and payments.


Allows us to automate our AP process for all invoices and store crucial information like W-9s and others.

Renata G
11-50 employees
Used for: 6-12 months
14 Feb - 2021

Paying vendors is a breeze

We’re happy with Tipalti. We use it to pay our vendors (car rental companies, travel agencies, etc.). We have to process payments to several countries around the globe.