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IONOS website builder is a no-code creative website design software with an accessible and intuitive user interface, and effective customizable design templates. The website builder has numerous predesigned sections and tools you can use to build websites suitable for all businesses.

Company: IONOS Inc.

IONOS is a web hosting and cloud computing company that provides necessary tools and solutions to small and medium-scale businesses to have an active online presence while working in the digital space. These tools provided by IONOS enable both non-technical and technical business owners to get top-level secure domains, build websites, and make us of cloud computing technologies.

In-Depth Analysis

0 Overall
Price 5.0
Performance 4.5
Ease Of Use 4.0
Features 3.5
Support 5.0


  • Multilingual website
  • Free domain and SSL certificate
  • Built-in editor SEO tools
  • Predesigned website layouts


  • App integrations require an upgrade to eCommerce plan
  • No free website transfers

IONOS Comparisons

Plans & Pricing

IONOS website builder has many pricing options available for different people and businesses. The website builder plans have a 30-day risk-free trial.

Once you sign up for any of the plans, you get a free registered domain for a year and free SSL certificate to secure your website. Coupled with these are customizable website templates that you can work with.

In addition, IONOS offers a professional service to help you design your website from scratch. If you want the hassle of designing a website lifted off your shoulder, you might want to use this service. The cost of this service varies depending on the type of website you’re trying to build and the apps you will like to integrate into it.

Regardless of whether you wish to hire a pro designer or work your way through the design process, the plans offer pretty impressive features.

30-day FREE trial
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • One-year free domain
  • Professional email
  • Pre-built sections and designs options
  • Ability to integrate Website with two channels (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Customizable professional templates
  • Up to 500 online store products
30-day FREE trial
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Edit HTML & CSS
  • Multilingual websites
  • Business web apps
  • Dynamic web content
  • Intelligent personalization
  • Up to 5,000 online store products
30-day FREE trial
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Everything in the Plus plan
  • Targeted content delivery and personalization
  • Ability to integrate Website with three channels (Facebook, Google shopping, and Instagram)
  • Up to 10,000 online store products

IONOS is a reliable and high-performance website development platform. The platform is designed to help users get the best out of their website by busting powerful performance metrics.

Site & Page Speed.

There is no doubt that page or site speed plays an essential role in user experience and website conversion rates. The relevance of good website page speed cannot be over-emphasized.

The faster your website loads, the better your conversion rate will be. This theory is supported by a 2019 research that studied dozens of e-commerce websites. Leading brands know this, and they optimize their websites to boast the fastest possible speeds.

Using the IONOS Website Builder allows you to compete at the speed of industry-leading brands without breaking the bank. After building my website, I ran a quick page speed test Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. The results were impressive. For one, my entire website loaded enough to engage users in about 3.4 seconds. While users interacted with the top elements of the website, the largest content loaded completely in another 1 second, long before the visitor even made their first scroll.

IONOS Site and page speed performance

Page speed is not only critical to user engagement but also has an indirect impact on your website’s search engine performance. With slow site speed comes high bounce rates and low engagement, among other things. These unpleasant metrical realities bring about low search engine ranking.

The PageSpeed Insights tool presents a good measure of the impact of your website speed on its performance. Upon testing, I found that several Fortune 500 brands have poorly performing websites which were attributed to a slow load speed. These slow loads could be because most of these sites are graphic intensive.

After creating my website using the IONOS website Builder, I tested for performance alongside the speed of the web pages. My website presented an impressive 83% performance score on PageSpeed Insights.

Page speed insights for IONOS

While I have seen websites that performed better than this, the score presented above is far above what is obtainable from the average website. And all these were made possible due to IONOS’s search engine optimized website building capabilities, including image optimization for faster loading and lightweight CSS, among other things.


As an IaaS company, IONOS is inclined to host every website on its network on very reliable servers. So, websites powered by IONOS are accessible to internet users at all times. The recorded uptime rate for IONOS websites is 99.99%. This means that you may find an IONOS-powered website unavailable for less than 8 seconds in a whole day. As an internet user myself, I often dismiss this as a lag in internet connectivity.


The IONOS website builder is a powerfully build drag-and-drop website editor with an intuitive interface and high-transmission storage for files hosted on some of the world’s leading infrastructures. The $1/mo subscription is the lowest price in the industry, designed to help small business owners start and scale their enterprise at a minimal cost.

Ease of Use

One distinguishing quality of the IONOS website builder is the interactive website editor that makes it easy to design a website from scratch. From the moment you push the “Create new website” button, the setup process, website creation, and launch are pretty straightforward.
Create new website or store with IONOS


Setting up your account with the IONOS website builder is a simple task. However, the company treats each new website that you build as a separate product that needs to be ordered. Not to worry though; the basic website is absolutely free. However, you might be required to upgrade sometime later if you want to link a custom domain to your website.
Other than this unexpected penniless purchase that took me a few clicks to process, the setup process was a breeze in all senses.


During the setup, you are prompted to inform IONOS about your technical background. For those without a technical background, the safest place to start is with a customizable template. Once the setup process is completed, you will be allowed to choose from a limited number of templates. Nevertheless, you can change this template at any time from the website Editor.
IONOS Template selection
After you choose a template to work with, the rest of the website creation process is pretty simple and intuitive. You can modify the texts to fit your brand image and tweak the elements of the template however you want.
Text styling
Texts are important communication vehicles that face the lowest risks of misinterpretation. Even with several visual effects, you need texts to send the message just right. But these texts must look the part. They have to be coherent with your brand image and message. Also, they have to be uniform across boards.
The IONOS website Editor allows you to style texts with ease. Once you dive into your chosen template, all you have to do is select a text, rewrite it to send the appropriate message, and style the font just how you want it. The video below shows how easy it is to maneuver text styling features on the IONOS website builder.

Form Customization
Web pages and forms are like abdomens and belly buttons. Except you’re Kyle XY, you have one. And just as our belly buttons are unique to us (big, small, and hidden), website forms can be customized to fit your brand message in a perfect way.
The IONOS website editor has easy-to-navigate form customization and design features. You can switch between form styles and organize the fields in ways that will improve user engagement. And all these processes are very simplistic. At least you can see that from how I navigated the design feature in the video below.

Button Designing
From the video above, you will also find me switching things up with the submit button. Sadly, the button options are limited to what was prebuilt into the template, but you have some freedom to let your brand image reflect through the button design you choose. All you have to do is toggle between options of button contour, color, thickness, and fill to create a unique button that you can incorporate across the entire website.

App Integration

Integrating important applications on your website helps optimize and improve functionalities. With the several app integrations allowed by IONOS, you can uplift your operation process, manage your marketing campaigns, collect and analyze data, report finances, process payments, and perform a host of other activities, all on one website.
Interestingly, doing all these doesn’t require writing a line of code. Not in the slightest chance. You simply need to click the “IONOS” logo on the top left corner of the Editor to minimize it.
IONOS App integration in the editor
This will reveal the search bar on top of the Editor. You can easily search for the app you want to integrate or click on the “cart” icon to visit the App Store and browse through over 10 dozen apps.

Customer Support

Without a doubt, IONOS is a reputable and customer-centric company. This is because they provide the necessary customer service to help users get the best out of their software. Every IONOS user enjoys well-detailed support materials while using the website builder and editor.
Also, relevant setup guides are incorporated into the software to help as they navigate the interface. Personally, I consider the platform’s customer service pretty good. Far better than average. Below are some of my personal experiences with the available support options.


On the IONOS website, you will find relevant FAQs on almost every page. The website builder pages are adequately supplied with these FAQs.
Companies with well-detailed answers to FAQs are considered reliable. And this reliability through FAQs has an impact on conversion. This is because the numerous responses to questions helped clear my doubt about the product and informed my expectation of the product.
IONOS was not an exception; the FAQs provided important answers, capable of assuring potential users of the reliability of the IONOS website builder.
IONOS Frequently asked questions page with answers

Startup Guides

IONOS has many blog articles and relevant materials you can go through if you are looking to launch a startup. This category of articles is referred to as the Startup Guides offered by IONOS.
In this section, you will find many blog posts that can inspire you with ideas and systematic ways to launch your startup.

The IONOS Help Center

The IONOS Help Center has three sections dedicated to the website builder. These sections are populated with easy-to-follow guides that can help even the most inexperienced user build a website from scratch to deployment.
IONOS Help center with guidance

Phone Support

Almost every important page on the IONOS website presents a phone number that you can call to ask your questions. This makes their support team really accessible and that’s a good thing for a software company that really looks out for ways to help their customers.
I was able to put a quick call through to a representative using the number on their official contact page and had an expert on the other side after about 40 seconds of waiting. That’s nowhere near the speed of light, but for a support team, that’s super fast.
During the call, I was required to provide my customer ID and a temporary phone PIN. These were for security reasons and I really respected that. At first, I wasn’t sure how to get those but they happened to be easily accessible on my profile page. All I had to do was sign in.

Live chat

IONOS has a live chat channel on its website for customers to interact with a real sales representative from 8 am – 8 pm (ET). I find this customer support channel helpful, and the representative is very responsive to questions posed.
While my general perception of the support was above average, the representative chatting with me ran out of the chat rather too quickly with very little empathy. Pretty rude, I’d say but maybe my inquiry was a genuine time waster.

There is an option for all users to email the support team.
Features & Functionality

IONOS website builder has everything you need to create and run a successful website for your business. The software provides unique and distinctive features with various choices to make your website look outstanding and professional. Some of the outstanding features offered by the IONOS website builder are highlighted in this section.

Mobile Responsiveness

Every prebuilt template on IONOS is designed to be mobile responsive. Previewing a template, you have the option to have a glimpse of how your next website will look on every device and screen size.
IONOS modes to check mobile responsiveness

It doesn’t really end with the templates. As you customize the look of your website, you can preview the mobile appearance every step of the way. This way, you can make sure that all the elements are well aligned across all device types.

This feature is particularly helpful for most small business owners since over 70% of internet traffic will come from mobile devices.


IONOS stands out as an industry leader in online business activities. One of the features that put them far on the map is the inbuilt SEO tools that help users optimize their websites for search engines. This SEO tool guides amateur and decently experienced users through their setup process and helps them ensure that their website is healthy to be indexed by search engine algorithms. Needless to say, following the SEO checklist offered by IONOS doesn’t mean that you should forsake your need to have a practical on-page and off-page SEO strategy in place to keep your website within the good graces of search engines.

Free Domain and SSL Certificate

The IONOS website builder comes with free domains and SSL certificates that ensure users, their website, and customer data are safe. Firstly, a professional business website needs a custom domain name. Usually, a custom domain name registration cost $12 per year. Signing up for the IONOS website builder confers a free custom domain registration to you.

Good SSL certificates cost an average of $60 per year. Interestingly, without a valid SSL certificate, you would lose almost half (46%) of your website visitors immediately. They quickly leave when this warning pops up on their browser.

warning message - your connection is not private

Using the IONOS website building, you don’t have to suffer such a huge loss in website traffic and potential sales. At the same time, your website can always look professional with a custom domain and email address. All of these are a $1/mo website plan. Deal of the century.

Multilingual Page Translation

For many website builders, users are required to integrate Google Translator to enable visitors to access the website in multiple languages. Ironically, translations rendered by Google Translate can be flakey sometimes. IONOS understands this. So, they made provisions for their users by building a multilingual page translation tool that allows users to render their websites in multiple languages. Now, you can connect with customers globally regardless of their languages and geographical location.

App Market

The IONOS App Market presents dozens of apps that you can integrate into your website to augment website performance and business processes. While the App Market is a growing platform for developers, creators, and business owners, IONOS can integrate with 5000+ web applications and software through Zapier with relative ease. With a few authentication keys, you can join the Zapier automation system.

  • 100+ Templates
  • Add HTML Code
  • Blog Templates
  • Portfolio
  • Drag & Drop Editor
  • Multi-lingual Website
  • Fully Customized
  • Mobile-friendly
  • SEO Tools
  • Social Media Integration
  • Widgets + Apps
  • Newsletter Tool
  • Monetization
  • Visitor statistics
  • Multiple Sites
  • Free Custom Domain
  • Unlimited Space
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free Stock Photos
  • Video Plug-Ins
  • Audio Plug-Ins
Good For
  • Blogging
  • Online Stores
  • Automatic Website Building

From my personal experience using the IONOS website builder to create, the platform offers an intuitive interface to create and build a website easily. Compared with industry-leading dedicated website builders like Wix and Shopify, the IONOS website builder is still evolving and there’s so much potential within it.

For now, IONOS’s irresistible offer remains its $1/mo website builder plans that include a free domain name and SSL certificate. For a new business trying to cut as much cost as possible, IONOS offers one of the best deals to consider.

However, as your business grows, generates more revenue, and begins to develop the need for a more sophisticated website with more features like CRM, workflow, sales, and marketing automation tools, you could consider trying out other options or using IONOS dedicated web hosting to build a proper website. This will require you to hire the services of professionals, nonetheless. All in all, IONOS is a pretty good place to start.

Augustine Ojeh
Author: Augustine Ojeh
Augustine is a freelance writer with a focus on organizational productivity; diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI); marketing and sales; and startup ecosystems in developing economies. He plays 8-Ball Pool when stressed and Chess when anxious.

IONOS User Reviews

Justin A
11-50 employees
Used for: 6-12 months
03 Jan - 2021

Easy to use builder!

It is easy to integrate with WordPress websites. It helped me save time and money. You can easily integrate the domain name with their hosting or another hosting provider.


Not as many features are included in the standard version

Thomas M
Architecture & Planning, 02-10 employees
Used for: 1-2 years
12 Mar - 2021

Easy to use for domain & webhosting

I used this service and found it really simple for my domain and web hosting needs


customer support could be improved and features are lacking

Marley M
Food & Beverages, 11-50 employees
Used for: 6-12 months
13 Feb - 2021

Good price & easy to set up

It's been easy to use and they have very good customer service.


Not 100% customizable,

Brandy P
Hospitality, 02-10 employees
Used for: 6-12 months
09 Apr - 2021

A hidden gem in the website creation world

One of the best things about them is that you get a free domain for the duration of your contract with them. When you are starting out with your website, having that rolled into the cost is really helpful.

Karen J
Cosmetics, 02-10 employees
Used for: 6-12 months
05 Mar - 2021

Good amount of Options to get your website going.

The website was simple to navigate and easy to use in general. Getting a Domain name is convenient and you can host a website.


-does not have the tools I need, but that is more of a preference then a Con in the end.