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Paycor’s payroll system can transform the way you process payroll with general ledger integration, OnDemand Pay, AutoRun functionality, employee self-service, and powerful reporting tools like templates, law alerts and how-to guides. Best of all? You don’t have to be a payroll expert.

Company: Paycor

Paycor was founded back in 1990 when the internet was still in the nascent stages. Its mission since inception has been to help small and medium businesses manage payroll and human resources tasks in-house. Today, 30 years on, it has developed an end-to-end solution to help businesses spend less time on payroll and more time growing.

In-Depth Analysis

0 Overall
Price 3.5
Ease Of Use 5.0
Features 4.5
Support 4.5


  • Custom reports
  • Deeply integrated time & attendance tracking
  • Extensive features to manage HR & payroll
  • Benefits can be administered directly through the platform


  • No integrations with tools like Quickbooks
  • Many powerful features only available as add-ons

Paycor Comparisons

Plans & Pricing

Paycor is divided into the small business suite which powers companies with 39 employees or fewer and the mid-market business suite powering companies with 40+ employees. The mid-market plans are tailored to each business but the small business plans have everything you need to thrive. 

/mo +$5 /employee /mo
/mo +$6 /employee /mo
/mo +$7 /employee /mo
/mo +$12 /employee /mo


The entry-level plan comes with the most important features you need to run payroll effectively at $99/month +$5 per employee per month. That includes storing documents related to compliance, tax filing, running payroll, an employee self-service app, and direct deposits.


The essential plan builds on the basic features with workers’ compensation payments, PTO management, detailed HR resources, and common checklists and handbooks. Coming in at $149 per month, it also gives you much deeper reporting with the ability to create your own. Finally, it gives you access to all the onboarding tools you need to get employees up to speed quickly.


The Complete plan continues to incorporate more features. It comes with everything from Essential but adds 1:1 help from an HR pro, electronic signing, a team to manage garnishments, deep integrations with 401K providers, and access to general ledger services. This plan is considered as the most popular choice, although it’s $199/month it gives a robust amount of features and functionalities that make it worth your while to purchase. 


 The HCM Plan is the option that has it all and more for only $199/month + $12 per employee per month. This package includes all the features from the Basic, Essential and Complete plans with additional features for recruitment, benefits administration, automated workflows, and everything you need to attract, retain and develop winning teams.

Ease of Use

Paycor has managed to create a platform that is intuitive despite offering a full range of features. Customers say they were able to learn the ropes quickly after signing up. The company also offers webinars, a knowledge base, and tutorials so you can learn how to use the application and get unstuck when you run into problems. While it can take some time to get used to the advanced features, general features can be easily mastered.

Customer Support

There are many ways Paycor provides support to its customers, so you can pick whatever works best for you. The team is well-trained and can handle most issues related to the software, but they can’t help with questions regarding payroll laws – these must be directed to a designated expert.

Phone Support
Phone Support
Available during normal business hours for all users
Email support is also available for all customers.
Video Tutorials
Video Tutorials
Paycor offers multiple video tutorials
It has short FAQ but a much larger knowledgebase.
Features & Functionality
General Features

Paycor is one of the most feature-rich payroll and HR platforms on the market. It provides the major features you’d expect such as direct deposit, W-2 or 1099 forms, and tax compliance assistance. It also provides employee pay cards, an employee portal for self-service, and 401k integrations.

Custom reporting

The custom reporting features allows you to pull data from various places like time tracking, payroll, and HR to create reports that give you a holistic overview of your business. You can then slice and dice the data to get the insights needed to make smart labor decisions. It’s not locked into your account, you can share reports with various stakeholders so everyone is on the same page.


It has in-built tools and smart integrations like Zoom to help you manage the entire recruitment process. Search resumes, send text messages to candidates, create and save interview scorecards, automate offer letters, and even collect signatures electronically.

Benefits administration

Paycor gives you the tools to integrate with your benefits providers and make it easy to enroll new employees, share pertinent information with the right people, and see analytics related to your benefits packages. It also helps you stay compliant with the IRS by generating and filing the necessary forms.

Employee onboarding

The platform allows you to set up a series of tasks that new employees need to complete and even automate form submission, signatures, and training.

  • 401(k) Tracking
  • Benefits Management
  • Check Printing
  • Direct Deposit
  • Multi-Country
  • Multi-State
  • Payroll Outsourcing
  • Payroll Reporting
  • Self Service Portal
  • Tax Compliance
  • Vacation/Leave Tracking
  • W-2/1099 Preparation
  • Wage Garnishment
Attendance Tracking
  • Calendar Management
  • Employee Scheduling
  • FMLA Tracking
  • Overtime Calculation
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Self Service Portal
  • Time Tracking
Supported Devices
  • Windows
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-based
Pricing Model
  • Monthly Payment
  • One-Time Payment
  • Annual Subscription

Paycor is a payroll and HR solution that leaves no stone unturned. The system allows small and medium businesses to manage every aspect of employee recruitment, onboarding, and benefits administration. The software includes features that are needed to stay in compliance with the law such as notice posters and tax filing for state and federal taxes. Additionally, it includes features that will make your job easier, such as a learning management system.

Among Paycor’s most powerful features is its dashboard for custom reports. Your human capital can be allocated based on data from different departments such as HR, payroll, and time clocks. Despite Paycor’s many useful features, it isn’t cheap. This is a great platform if you aren’t overly concerned with price. It will streamline your payroll and ensure your HR team is performing at its best.

Murad Jaffery
Author: Murad Jaffery
Murad Jaffery is a chartered accountant specializing in the field of accounting and finance. He has been writing on these areas for nearly a decade, and is also an accounting tutor. He holds master’s degrees in accountancy and English literature. Murad enjoys traveling and reading.

Paycor User Reviews

Danny B
11-50 employees
Used for: 6-12 months
13 Oct - 2021

user friendly payroll

Paycor was chosen over our previous payroll application because it was hard to navigate and too complicated. We prefer a more user-friendly interface. Many payroll applications do not offer a solution to hourly employees, which Paycor does.

Evelyn M
11-50 employees
Used for: 6-12 months
13 Oct - 2021

easy to use software

Paycor has an easy-to-use system and plenty of training materials for users. I can configure the system without any help guides.