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Last updated: November 2022

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DISCLAIMER: The “free website hosting” options are recommendations designed to get you off the ground. While these programs are indeed “free” on the most basic levels or for limited times, it’s important to note that once the free trial period concludes, you will be required to pay for continued use. Additionally, if you use “Freemium” web hosting sites, you must pay for more advanced features and functionality.

The Best Free Website Hosting Sites

Using a free website builder and host can save you a lot of money but is it the best option for you or your business? Whether you should use a free web hosting company or opt for a paid hosting account depends on many factors, including:

  • Your budget
  • Needed bandwidth and storage space (i.e., disk space)
  • Knowledgebase or lack thereof of PHP, SEO, HTML, CSS, FTP, MySQL databases, CPN, Cpanel, etc.
  • What you’ll be using the website for (i.e., personal use, e-commerce, etc.)
  • Required load time and uptime guarantees you need to feel comfortable
  • Whether you need a free email account to accompany your site,
  • And many other considerations

With that in mind, the best free website hosting for your needs may differ from another person’s. Further, it may benefit you and your business more in some cases to opt for a paid plan instead of using a free web hosting solution.

Continue reading to learn about the best free web hosting services for personal websites, entrepreneurs, and businesses.

Pros & Cons Of The Best Free Web Hosting Providers

Generally, there are pros and cons to every free web hosting provider. Sometimes, free web hosting providers offer free subdomain names (i.e., In other cases, you must own or purchase a custom domain name. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of free web hosting services in the sections below.

Advantages of Free Website Hosting Plans

Aside from the obvious benefit of cost savings, plenty of additional benefits accompany free cloud hosting websites. They include but are not limited to the following:

  • No additional costs
  • Can be excellent for personal websites like blogs, portfolio sites, etc.
  • Easy integrations with content management sites (CMS) or they provide simple website builders, auto-installers, templates, etc.
  • Offers beginners an opportunity to learn the basics of web hosting and how to build a website without having to spend money
  • Free site builders, easy-to-read tutorials, and free domain name (usually subdomain)
  • There are no contracts

While there are many advantages to using free web hosting providers like Wix, Freehostia,  Infinityfree, Weebly, & WPengine, there are also a few drawbacks. Continue reading to learn the disadvantages of using free hosting platforms.

Disadvantages of Free Website Hosting Plans

Suppose you’re searching for a free web hosting plan with unlimited storage, ad-free websites, free WordPress hosting,  unlimited bandwidth, guaranteed uptimes, and free SSL certificates. In that case, a free web hosting platform may not be your best option.

Generally, a few of the most commonly cited drawbacks to using free plans offered by web hosting providers include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Ads: Sometimes, “free” doesn’t mean what it sounds like. Many free hosting options make their money back by placing ads on your free website and apps.
  • Lack of adequate bandwidth and disk space: Many free web hosting services provide “free” shared hosting plans. That means that your website shares space and bandwidth with many other websites at the same time. In some cases, this can negatively affect SEO and load time. Further, free websites are more at risk for downtimes.
  • No customer support: A major difference between a free web hosting plan and a premium plan is the level of customer service. In many cases, free plans don’t provide live help. Instead, you must send an email and wait for a response.
  • No Control Panel Access: Most free web hosting providers don’t allow access to the cPanel. If you want this level of control, it may be best to opt for a paid shared hosting plan or premium plan.

Suppose you want to try a web hosting provider for free, and if you like it, you’re willing to pay for a premium plan. In that case, there are plenty of options, including sites like IONOS, WP Engine, Hostinger, and  Bluehost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Free Web Hosting Services

Whether you’re considering building your own website for personal reasons or a site for your online store, it’s normal to have questions. Listed below are answers to some of the web’s most frequently asked questions about free web hosting services.

Can I host my website for free?

Yes. You can host your website for free on sites like Awardspace, Joomla, Wix, IONOS, etc. However, it’s essential to be aware of the benefits and drawbacks of each service.

For example, a free hosting plan’s website might be hosted on HDD storage, while premium plans are more likely to be hosted on SSD storage devices in data centers. Do your research, and choose the best free web hosting option for you and your business. 

Which free web hosting is best?

That depends on your needs. If you have an e-commerce online store, your needs are substantially different than someone who wants to build a personal website to express thoughts. Sites like InfinityFree, Wix, 000WebHost, Awardspace, etc., have advantages and disadvantages.

Does Google host websites for free?

You can use a free trial to host your website in the Google Cloud. However, once the free trial concludes, you must pay a monthly fee for the Google Cloud product you’re using.

Is free hosting good?

Depending on your needs, free web hosting can be good, or it can be bad. Generally, if you rely on this website for business purposes, it may be better to opt for a paid plan or premium shared hosting plan.

How do I self-host a website?

Suppose you want to self-host a website. In that case, you can–so long as you have the knowledge base, time, and proper tools. Generally, self-hosting requires the following steps:

  • Domain name
  • Website coding or a website builder
  • Ensuring your ISP and computer support self-hosting
  • Appropriate AMP software
  • Installation, upkeep, maintenance, and security provisions

If you’re not ready for self-hosting just yet, check out Sonary’s recommendations for the best free website hosting platforms at the top of the page.