30-Second Summary:

  • A graphic design serves as visual communication to garner the interest of the audience.
  • Attractive graphic design allows companies to create a unique brand identity.
  • Graphic design can contain hidden cues that would spark more curiosity in observers.
  • Something as simple as a logo can transform the identity of a brand and drive growth.
  • Brands have the right to view and protect their graphic designs as intellectual properties.
  • There are different types of graphic design that requires different specialization.
  • Companies can now hire freelancers or in-house designers at an affordable rate.
  • The most common types of graphic design include advertising designs and web designs.
  • User interface design can boost user experience and attract more visitors to the site or app.

In the pursuit of the best graphic design, marketers search through an ocean of designs. Today, companies want to opt for a specific style that aligns with their brand persona. Of course, graphic design parameters are different in each industry, but the diversity of graphic design continues to evolve.

Different kinds of graphic designs require a different set of skills from graphic designers. In a competitive world, graphic designers specialize in a wide range of fields. It is no wonder graphic design has become one of the most common and popular phrases in the last few years.

Graphic Design Importance and Real-World Use

At its core, graphic design is an effective and robust visual communication of a concept or idea. But graphic design is more than just brand logo or archetype design ads. The modern graphic design highlights the essence of a brand through specific visual elements. Brands focus on real-world knowledge to come up with intuitive visual graphic designs that can spark a feeling of curiosity and awe.

Omnipresence of Graphic Design

Ultimately, it’s the omnipresence of graphic design that wants brands to hire the best graphic designers. A thought-provoking and subtle graphic design can do wonders for a brand. In fact, innovative graphic design can change the perception of a brand and garner more recognition over time.

With a boost in brand recognition and improved image, you can expect more sales. But whether it’s a new or renowned brand, companies now leverage graphic designs to drive optimal growth and maintain a robust market position.

There is More Than One Type of Graphic Design

Before you jump down the rabbit of graphic designs, you need to figure out the type of graphic design that caters to your business needs. The more you understand the role of graphic designers and the relevance of different types of graphic designs – the better decisions you will be able to make.

In 2021, the tide is changing, and now you can expect top-of-the-line graphic designs from an affordable freelance graphic designer and as well as an expensive graphic design agency on (almost) the same level.

Now, let’s dive into the most quintessential graphic designs in 2021:

Advertising Design

In every ad design, there’s a team of graphic designers, creative directors, and art directors involved. Advertising design is arguably the most common type of graphic design. Once an ad design evokes a certain feeling, it can influence the audience to take direct action.

Most companies have a dedicated budget for advertising graphic design to boost sales. Traditionally, advertising graphic design revolved around newspaper ads, flyers, brochures, and billboards. Graphic designers now use innovative techniques to spark the interest of the audience online.

And this is where email marketing, search engine marketing, and hybrid ad campaigns come into the picture. Modern and online advertising graphic design involves brochures, digital advertisements, social media graphics, infographics designs, email marketing templates, and magazine or newspaper ads.

It is hard to talk about advertising design without bringing social media into the mix. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that half of the global population has a profile on one or more social media platforms. With billions of active users on social media, companies now want to execute visually impressive ad campaigns that can attain and retain more audiences.

It would be fair to state that Don Draper would’ve loved the modern state of advertising design because evoking emotions is still the main priority. The only difference is that now you have endless options to initiate visual communication.

Publication Graphic Design

Although it is not as widely popular as advertising design, publication graphic design still plays an integral role. Primarily, it involves magazines, newspapers, and books. Publication graphic designers draft intuitive layouts and cover designs that would convey a specific story or author’s voice better.

There is a good chance you’ve seen a magazine or book cover because they serve as the most common examples of publication graphic design. Typically, publication designs are minimalist paired with a suitable color palette, and offer a certain aesthetic appeal to readers. Digital publishing houses hire talented graphic designers to design eBooks, newspapers, newsletters, magazines, and catalogs.

Environmental Graphic Design

Environmental designs refer to architectural, landscape, industrial, and interior design. The objective of professional environmental graphic designers is to connect specific places with people. These designers try to make the landscape more informative, navigational, and memorable for people.

Designers include visual cues to help people where they want to go. But how environmental graphic designers combine these designs decide the overall experience of individuals. Environmental graphic design requires attention to detail and sophistication because they convey a meaningful visual message to visitors.

Motion Design

If you’re new to the realm of graphic design, motion graphic design may come across as confusing. In comparison, motion graphic design is a relatively new style that showcases the versatility of graphic designers.

In layman’s terms, motion graphic design refers to a combination of digital graphics that create an illusion of rotation or motion. The old school approach of motion graphic design revolved around television, movie openings, and news production.

 Today, motion graphic design extends to digital platforms like animated texts, online banners, title sequences, ends credits, web design, apps, and GIFs. It is no secret that the popularity of motion graphic design continues to skyrocket. In fact, modern tech advancements allow graphic designers to explore more opportunities to utilize motion graphics.

Web Design

Web design revolves around the visual aesthetics of the website and its pages. Web graphic designing has become one of the most sought careers in 2021. Whether you hire a freelancer or an in-house graphic designer, the key is to focus on your brand’s website requirements.

Of course, you can browse hundreds and thousands of attractive web designs. Though in the end, opt for a web design that doesn’t impact the navigation and features of your website. Ideally, the web design on every page should be able to complement your user interface and boost the experience of users. Web design revolves around buttons, modules, call to action, backgrounds, page layouts, graphs, forms, social media widgets, product placement, etc.

User Interface Design

UI design has become a new standard for companies to sell their product line with more effectiveness and intuitiveness. But when it comes to user interface design, there are a lot of attributes involved. The objective of a UI designer is to complement the user experience with a compatible user interface.

Before a company implements UI design, it conducts extensive research and development. Brands also check the navigation of a specific product on a website or app to make the UI design look more attractive. The best UI designs are always noticeable and propel users to solve specific problems.

Contrary to naïve misconception, UI designers are different than graphic designers. You need to think of the user interface as a tool that allows UI designers to create suitable buttons, colors, and typography. UI designers also pay close attention to research data to improve the UI design in the foreseeable future.

Packaging Design

Product packaging is a field of its own within the graphic design realm. The aesthetics of a packaging design has to be creative and engaging to end-users. Professional packaging designers think of it as more than just a wrapped-up piece of plastic to cover the product.

Packaging designers choose from a variety of materials that would make more sense to users. Packaging designers can use metal, paper, or reusable materials to ensure the brand gets the proper representation on shelves.

Packaging designers understand the unique visual identity of a brand and figure out how to capture the attention of the target audience right from the start. The packaging doesn’t just need to be promotional – it has to protect the packaging contents as well.

Final Thoughts

As a new brand, it can be overwhelming to navigate through an ocean of visually compelling and appealing graphic designs. The key is to focus on graphic designs that allow you to solve specific problems and appeal to a specific target market.

There are no creative boundaries when it comes to graphic designs. In fact, the possibilities are endless. Think of graphic design as an umbrella that hosts variations of graphic designs. Your objective should be to look for a graphic designer or graphic design company that specializes in your preferred graphic design. In retrospect, look for a graphic designer that can help you aspire to greatness in your industry.