As for many companies and organizations, investing in a new learning management system is designated for the current staff members. This is because LMS is an excellent tool that can help you maintain your top performers and prevent compliance.

However, LMS can be used as a recruitment tool to help you find the right personnel and maintain them for a long duration. It is a great employment perk that helps you cultivate employees’ skills and enhance contributions to your team for future success. 

1. Launch a Content Library

Employment training programs must have adequate content for the training sessions to be a success. This requires you to launch a content library that will help you lure new talent and have diverse information for the training. One great aspect of a content library is that it gives your employees the breadth and scope required for exceptional training.

When evaluating the kind of content library you need for your organization, major in an LMS with hard skills courses, especially industry-specific ones. Such include leadership, compliance training, communication, and employee onboarding. In addition, LMS software that offers high-demand skills should be a top priority. You can evaluate and check on ones that have innovation, design, coding, and inclusion management, to name a few.

LMS can be used as a recruitment tool to help you find the right personnel and maintain them for a long duration

This helps onboarding employees to develop skills faster to help them solve common problems rather than entirely depending on managers. It also helps them build self-confidence and retain their dignity.

A training library should also encompass the company protocols, policies, and other basics. It should also be a tool to analyze prospective employees and ensure that they are up to par. You can take your hiring process to a higher notch by incorporating quizzes that will help you determine whether the employees are a perfect fit for your company.

2. Gamification

Game mechanics have proven to be an effective approach to enhance training and attract employees. This is because it has features such as points, badges, levels, and leaderboards that boost the morale of onboarding staff. Not only are they good for attracting new hires, but they are cost-effective for the company. Some of the main benefits of gamification include:

  • Creating a friendly environment for competition.
  • It instills a feeling of achievement for new hires.
  • Game mechanics provide an engaging learner experience.
  • Provides an easy way for learners to progress by motivating action, content, and behavioral change.

It also helps you identify the employees’ accomplishments by monitoring their progress and evaluating their weak areas. Gamification is a cost-effective technique that outweighs the merits available when using alternatives such as vacations or gift cards.

Most companies use gamification to enhance content retention. This is because employees have intrinsic motivation rather than external incentives. Their main focus is earning the badge as it has a significant symbol than monetary gain and public recognition.

Gamification is a great hiring perk as it will provide instant feedback. Learners will know what they need to know and ensure better recall. It can also be used to fulfill most learning needs such as product sales, soft skills, customer support, compliance, awareness creation, induction and onboarding.

3. Host Live Events

If you want to reach a wide audience of candidates in a cost-effective way, live events are the way to go. You can publicize them in-house or engage social media platforms to create more interest. They enable you to have easy access and source out employees even from far away.

During these live events, you will build more connections with employees. The events help you familiarize yourself more with onboarding employees by asking questions to gauge who has the most experience and prowess. In addition, you will evaluate passive candidates and those who are really yearning for a position in the organization.

People who need to work in your organization will demonstrate everything they have during the live events. Those who will sit back and watch our most likely passive candidates. Despite that, you should also follow up and check whether you picked the right candidates. This is because some qualified candidates will be silent during the entire event.

Live events have numerous business-related advantages as you can customize your event based on the position you want to fill in your organization. This can be achieved by creating content and advertisements that target a group of job seekers you have in mind.

4. Design Management Systems for Self-Assess

When hiring new employees, you should always note that top performers are very keen on voicing their concerns. Thus, you should create a proactive approach to help them self-diagnose gaps with limited supervisor intervention. This will help them improve performance behaviors without getting into loggerheads.

An LMS system is an excellent employment perk as it will help you fulfill such working requirements. It enhances self-assessment as well as identifying hidden talents for the benefit of the organization. Such systems involve simulations, scenarios, and games that enable a comprehensive overview of employee abilities and how they will apply them in real-time duties.

The main reason for incorporating LMS for self-assess is that most employees are looking for organizations that put them as top priorities. It values individual growth and enables them to helm their professional development.

Moreover, self-assess helps managers and recruiters to have insights into how an employee feels about their work. This will help you determine how best they can fit in your team. It also highlights possible misunderstandings among employees and relays feedback on how managers can help motivate the employees.

5. Provide Apprenticeship Sessions

Most organizations offer training by reading and elaborating on how to perform a particular task. But the most effective form of hire training approach is learning by doing. It provides hands-on experience and helps them get favorable behaviors and skills.

That’s why organizations have adjusted and offer online apprenticeship sessions to boost their hiring perks and add to their employee training LMS. For instance, you can use a system that has built-in collaboration tools and video conferencing.

You can then create content and guidelines that will work for each session, and the teams will follow. Finding an in-house professional member to execute the apprenticeship sessions will breed better results for your hiring perks. This can be your top salesperson who will provide coaching to the new hires and in-person support.

During the one-on-one support, the prospective employees can ask questions that will help them familiarize themselves with the organization and garner relevant skills. This will permit the deployment of top talent that will provide room for growth in the organization. Apprenticeship sessions are essential for attracting top talent and enabling them to continually hone their skills.

6. Diversify the Training by Having Optional Certificates

Having optional training courses will attract a huge number of applicants. Most employees appreciate certifications from optional courses as they help them diversify their portfolios. Even when they are not employed in your organization, they can print their certificates and post them on various social media platforms to showcase their prowess.

Moreover, employing people with various skills and certificates in your organization helps improve productivity at your workplace. During optional training sessions, you can incorporate a mix of topics and specializations that can serve an array of interests. You can train them simultaneously, such as spending a day on sales training and compliance training.

Cross-training can also be practiced across different roles, responsibilities and departments. This will make them more valuable to your organization. For example, when a particular employee is sick or on vacation, you can shift roles and fill the vacant positions before a new hire comes in.

7. Use a Mix of Learning Materials

Different people have adapted to distinct methods of learning. In this regard, you should have a mix of training materials to ensure that you meet the needs of different types of employers. Rather than just having slideshows, you can engage other forms of learning materials such as text, documents, videos, audio, surveys, presentations, assignments, and henceforth.

You can also upgrade and use live lessons that have tests and quizzes. Such training features are also customizable to help you work with contemporary demands. Using a mix of learning materials allows your employees to learn better and drive more engagement.


Everyone dreams of hiring top talents in their organizations. This is because they help improve productivity in workplaces and work better in their teams. You can achieve this by using an LMS that helps you incorporate the best hiring perks. When looking for an ideal LMS for utmost hiring results, you can dwell on one that meets your organization’s specific needs.

Afterward, you can engage prominent hiring perks such as having a content library, game mechanics, hosting live events, apprenticeship programs, enhancing employee self-assess, having optional training programs, and using a mix of learning materials.