What is Logo Recognition?

Savvy business owners know that their colors and logo design will forever be tied to their business, and a good logo is important for making their brand successful, regardless of how logo design trends change. Just look at Apple, Amazon, and Nike—their logos are instantly recognizable worldwide and people know exactly what products they offer. This association of a particular symbol with a particular company is called brand recognition, image recognition, or logo recognition. When you settle on your brand’s logo, you want to grow, monitor, and protect it. That is where logo recognition software comes in.

How Logo Recognition Software Works

Artificial intelligence (AI), logo recognition, or object detection software, is built on the same premise as the now ubiquitous facial recognition software used by police in surveillance, by social media to guide you in tagging friends, and by Apple to unlock your smartphone. Through machine learning (ML), a subset of AI, deep-learning algorithms are used to conduct an image analysis of a logo instead of a face to detect where the logo appears on the internet.

This may sound complicated, and the science behind it is, but the results are clear. Using logo recognition as part of a marketing strategy doesn’t take a lot of time, and it can improve your position in the marketplace.

Count Your Brand Mentions

Determining whether your brand is in the digital world is only anecdotal unless you use logo recognition software. Logo detection APIs (application programming interface) and other software allow you to capture real-time metrics to find out how many brands mentions your company has across social media platforms and on other online venues.

This lets you quickly assess whether your online and offline marketing initiatives are paying off. For example, did your sponsorship dollars for the local road race translate to an increased online presence? Did your press release get picked up by any influencers or bloggers? For those comfortable with Google tools, Google’s Vision AI offers limited free searches followed by a tiered pricing structure.

Protect Your Brand

Another benefit to logo recognition software is brand protection. The quicker you find fraudulent or counterfeit uses of your logo, the quicker you can take appropriate action to protect your brand. Logo detection software is sophisticated enough that it can scan visual content, videos, and text to determine where your brand name or logo is used.

After evaluating the dataset produced by your logo recognition software—this will indicate the logo description and confidence score to help you determine whether the uses are legitimate, inadvertent, or blatant trademark infringement—you can take action to ensure your brand’s logo is being used in the ways you want it to. Logo recognition software is a powerful tool in your brand protection arsenal, from making sure it isn’t associated with a company, person, or activity that you have no relationship with to protecting intellectual copyrighted material.

Gain Customer Insight

Using logo recognition software to research the market is another way to leverage the technology. Find out how customers frame your product on social media, blogs, or even YouTube. Are influencers mentioning your product and brand? Are they comparing your brand to another brand? Are the reviews favorable? When you find the mentions of your product by customers, you gain valuable insight into product reach and usage, as well as changes you could consider making.

Finding the Right Recognition Tool for You

There is no doubt logo recognition software can be helpful to businesses, educational institutions, non-profits, influencers, and more, but finding the right tool is part of ensuring success. Factors to consider when researching the right product for you are cost, ease of setup, precision in detection, and flexibility of use.

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